What Are Dogs Thinking? A Peek into Your Dog’s Secret Diary

Our Dog’s World

They’ve been our best friends for ages, evolving next to us as our trustworthy and fluffy side-kicks. They seem to know all about us, never hesitating to jump on our laps when we’re sad. 

But have you ever wondered what our dogs would actually write about in their journals? These simple, yet mysterious furry beings have a lot to say. In this article we’ve enjoyed imagining what some dogs would jot down in their journals.

Fluffy Havanese Who Loves Fresh-Cut Grass

Dear Diary,

Woof! Woof! Today, I woke up feeling extra fluffy as my human petted me on the head and said some words in a baby-voice, which I identify as love and affection. I knew right away it was walk time because the morning dew was setting, and we always walk at this time. 

I love my leash because it makes me feel safe. However, when we get to the park, my human takes my leash off. I love running through the fresh-cut grass-I’m so fast! Today I smelled so many exciting things!! I think there’s a new dog in the neighborhood.

If my nose is correct (and it usually is), it’s probably a 6-year-old golden retriever who eats a good diet, receives a lot of treats, and loves children. I can sense all of that by his smell. I wonder if I’ll run into him one morning?

Ball Enthusiast Terrier

Dear Diary,

Today, I played with my favorite ball. I love how it flies in the air when my human fetches it to me. Then I catch it, and it’s the most exhilarating feeling in the world. Then I take it back to my human, and she fetches it again.

I go running quickly and keep my eye on the ball. I see it flying, and then I jump and catch it again with my teeth. I could do this all day! My human got tired, though. We had to go back home, and then she left me alone, and I missed her so much. But the good thing is that I took one of her shoes to chew on.

It had her smell, and that really eased the jumpy feeling I get when she’s away. I slept next to it until she returned. She fed me, and then I napped on her lap all afternoon as she stared at her phone. Life is good!

What is My Human Doing?

Dear Diary, 

My human started doing something really curious with my poop. He is interested in picking it up and putting it in a bag. He even put a little bag container that hangs from my collar. Inside there are little bags that he rolls out and puts my poop in.

He carries the poop and throws it away in a trash bin. It frustrates me a little because I can’t mark my territory properly. Thankfully, he can’t do that with my pee.  

A Dog Productive Day!

Dear Diary,

Today was such a productive day! I got up early before my human and started licking her face. She seemed like she wanted to remain in bed, but I kept at it, and she finally got up! She fed me and went back to bed. Then I just stood next to her and stared at her. Finally, she got up again! I wagged my tail and ran to the door, jumping up and down under my leash hanging by the door. 

After a while, she finally grabbed my leash, and we went outside! It was such a thrill! So many people smiled at us in the street! Then I ran into my dog friends, and we said hello with our butts. It was great!

If Dogs Could Talk

We may never know for sure what our dogs are thinking, but as we get to know them more and more, we imagine dog thoughts that are probably not far from reality. That’s one of the most lovable things about dogs and animals in particular; they’re not like humans. They wear their emotions and feelings on their sleeve and don’t require a lot of mind reading to understand.

Our dogs rely on us, and we rely on them. Through their love and devotion we’re reminded of our own worthiness and deep value in their eyes. Dogs teach us so many wonderful qualities like how to have fun and enjoy the little things. But most importantly, they teach us a lot about unconditional love and if dogs could talk we’re sure they’d tell us all about it.

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