8 Separation Anxiety Products for When You’re “Never” Coming Home

Who among us hasn’t wished at one point to stay home and never leave their dog ever? Now that pups everywhere have gotten a sweet taste of constant attention, lots of us are paying dearly for doing horrible things like going to the grocery store – shame! If you’re wondering how to handle dog separation anxiety, you’re not alone. Check out our favorite products for helping your pal handle her feels.

1. A classic KONG to give your bestie something productive to do while she misses you.

Every dog owner has at least one of these lost under a couch in their house. Dig it on out and stuff it with peanut butter or another filler of choice. KONGs make great distractions for concerned pups. Also, can’t eat the couch and a KONG at the same time!

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2. This special portable speaker with clinically-tested anti-anxiety music.

Your dog needs his own iPod. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs the least you can do is get him his own Bluetooth speaker that’s pre-loaded with tunes scientifically proven to create a relaxing effect for your troubled lil bud. 

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3. This calming diffuser kit designed to reduce anxiety, barking, chewing, and more. 

These handy pheromone diffusers replicate the calming pheromone mother dogs give off when they’re nursing their puppies. Give your dog a motherly sense of calm with any of the Adaptil or Thunderease pheromone products. 

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4. These calming edibles…I mean treats to help your dog relax.

I sure wish there was a tasty treat I could take when I felt a panic attack coming on. Well, one I could get conveniently online without having to talk to my doctor that also didn’t taste like poultry.

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5. This stylish crate cover to pair with your pup’s calming daytime HGTV. 

If your pup is a crate dweller while home alone (some dogs actually do much better left in crates because of the added security), you could level up the privacy aspect by getting them a sweet cover for their crate. Bonus points if you spray it with pheromones!

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6. This treat-tossing dog camera with 2-way audio, Alexa, and *night vision.*

Throw your dog a treat to calm them the heck down and also confuse them by speaking to them through a machine (what is dis sorcery?).

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7. This portable white noise machine with multiple soothing soundscapes.

Shush your dog gently to sleep with the calming noises of a waterfall. Dogs love waterfalls.

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9. This cute and functional calming jacket (an apparel must-have). 

Put this velcro-magic gentle squeeze jacket on your dog so it’s like you’re hugging them even if you’re not there! Bonus points if you put it on yourself first so it also smells like you.

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Featured photo: Taylor Kopel

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