10 Doggos Dressed Up for Da Bears Game

Okay, okay. So it’s been a ruff season for our beloved Bears so far, but if anything can keep our tails waggin’ it’s these 10 doggos dressed in their game-day best. Without further ado, we present Booperbowl Funday (i.e. the best we’re gonna get this year🤷‍♀️).

1. Pretty sure Cora speaks for all of us when she says she’s nervous the Bears can pull off a win:

2. Seriously, we’re all pretty concerned:

3. But we keep watching because we’re loyal AF:

4. And if nothing else, it’s an excuse to wear a cute outfit:

5. So get ready to swear at the TV because the players can feel it and improve a-corgi-ngly:

6. Appoint yourself sheriff of the offense because for Dog’s sake, someone’s gotta do it:

7. When all seems lost, you can always put up your tree:

8. Yeah, it ain’t easy sometimes bein’ a Mutt of the Midway:

9. At the end of the day, let’s not forget what it’s all *really* about:

10. Yeah, just wake us up when it’s time for dessert:

How does your dog puppare fur Bears games? Woof at us in the comments!

(Photo by @alfie_the_oes)

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