Your Pooch Can Now Order Stanley’s Dog Menu Items From Bite Squad

Barking news: Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room in Minneapolis has put its drool-inducing dog menu on Bite Squad. (Toggle from “Main Menu” to “Stanley’s Famous Dog Menu” and it’ll appear like magic.) So if you and your pooch don’t wanna pup over to their dog-friendly patio, you both can order in. Chow hounds drool over the restaurant’s turkey muttloaf, which is loaded with veggies, oats, and flax, and can also request a selection of Von Hanson’s dog treats. Heck, you might even have to beg for a bite of your dog’s K-9 Chicken order:

K-9 Chicken. We just drooled a little bit. (Photo by Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room)

Just don’t expect Fido to pick up the tab since you’re still the one with the opposable thumbs.

Have you ever ordered delivery for your doggo? Bork at us in the comments.

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