Behold the Nation’s #1 Dog-Friendly Mall (Right Here in Chicagoland)

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Remember when malls were the best place on earth to meet cute boys, and trying on clothing didn’t make you cry? Welp, one of these is still true. Malls are still the ideal date spot because Yorktown Center is a dog-friendly mall. We repeat: A DOG-FRIENDLY MALL. And it’s literally the #1 pupper shopping center, so you basically have to go.

Yorktown Center is Dog-Friendly as Pup

Take your fashionable fren into many, many stores (!!) and bask in the glory that only a full-service canine retail experience can provide. Yorktown Mall is dog-friendly year-round and welcomes all well-behaved pups for a little re-tail therapy. With Pet Comfort Stations complete with bags, wipes, and trash receptacles (you must clean up any accidents immediately!) conveniently sprinkled throughout the shopping center, we are truly unsure why you’d shop anywhere else. Ever.

Rules for Retail Rovers

Pals need to be on non-retractable leashes no longer than 6 feet or in carriers. Your dog must be supervised at all times, be up-to-date on licenses and vaccines, and follow each individual store’s policies (look for the pawprint-shaped graphic to know your furkid is welcome). And not like your sweet angel ever would, but he’s gotta be sure not to approach any hooman or doggo shoppers without consent. 

For more information, check out Yorktown’s Canine Code of Conduct. (seriously, do not mess this up, this is the best thing that has ever happened to us). Happy shopping, friendos! And for dog’s sake, get that kid an extra pretzel. He deserves it.

Where does your pup like to get his shop on? Woof at us in the comments—we’re all ears!

Featured photo: Braedon McLeod

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