Year-Round Dog-Friendly Patio Coming to Stanley’s Northeast

April 23: Construction was postponed on this puppy due to COVID-19. But fur not! We’ll let you know when it resumes.

Your dog’s social life is about to get a major pupgrade. Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room in Minneapolis has already won our dog-obsessed hearts with its pup-friendly patio, commitment to raising bones for local rescues and shelters, and famous dog menu (which Bite Squad’ll even deliver to your doorstep). Now it’s expanding its dog-friendly patio to include a separate, enclosed and heated, four-season dog-friendly patio (just like its sister resto The Block) to seat 150 peeps and their pups and we’re PUMPED. (Psst: Stanley’s will also be on our Dog-Friendly Restaurant Pass, coming soon! Sign up for our newsletter to know the minute it goes on sale.) Construction begins next month but we got our paws on the renderings early.

Stanley's Northeast Bar Room

The windows’ll be bigger than a pack of Great Danes and there’ll be yoga mats for doggo relaxos.

A garage door (at left) will open to the new outdoor patio in warm weather. Use your imagination to add tables, chairs, umbrellas, and a whole dog-obsessed situation out here.

Stanley's Northeast Bar Room

There’ll also be screens to catch games, and a fireplace and HEATED FLOORS to keep everypawdy toasty all winter. We won’t judge if you end up chillin’ down there with your bud. (No promises that Chihuahua in the sweater vest won’t, though). 

We’ll share more details soon, so stay tuned to Sidewalk Dog fur the latest dogvelopments.

Where’s your favorite place to dine with your doggo? Bark at us in the comments.

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