Yappy Valentine’s Day!

Photo: @thatgoldendog

Whether you’re planning a romantic night out, cuddling up by the fire, or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, I think we can all agree that humans are great, but there’s nothing quite like puppy love. The Internet concurs.

No date? No problem. Here are the top 10 reasons your dog makes the best Valentine. (Petfinder)

Convinced? Good. Here are some tips for a happy Valentine’s Day with your pooch. (AKC)

Photo: Bone Aventure

Photo: Bone Adventure

And what would Valentine’s Day be without a box or dirty sock full of pup-appropriate “chocolates” from Lulu & Luigi? Locavores can safely substitute locally-made, all-natural and 100%-yummy treats from Raw Bistro (available at these local stores). Just be sure not to let Lucky near your Valentine’s Day goodies. (petMD)

For those of you who will be cuddling up to a human partner tonight, here are some tips for solving common pet-related tiffs. (Petfinder)

After you fight about—and resolve—all those issues, you might be looking for the perfect gift for your sweetie. Local non-profit, Pet Project Rescue, offers Valentine’s Day gift donations in the name of your sweetheart.

Finally, Mishka the Husky can say “I love you” and it is cute. Really cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day, SWDers!

— Sarah Olson

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