How to Care for Pup’s Snoot, Tootsies, & Coat in the Winter

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Between the sub-zero temps, puppin’ nasty winds, and salty walks, your pooch definitely needs a bit of pampering over the winter. Winter can be ruff on all of us—especially our frens with fur, paws, and snoots—so we dug up some recommendations to keep snowpups happy and healthy during the chilliest months.

Sniff out these winter care products for dogs to help you take care of your furry BFF all season long.

Snoot Care: Keep those sniffers sniffin’.

Happy nose, happy pup. Just like hooman skin, snoots are made up of cells that are highly impacted by cold, dry air during the winter. And just like hooman lips, dog noses get dry and cracked v easily. You can prevent this by decreasing the amount of time doggo spends in front of vents, limiting time outdoors, and applying a nose balm.

Enter Pawtitas Nose Balm. It protects against salt and snow, provides sunscreen protection, and prevents snoots from getting dry and cracked. With its easy no-mess application and organic ingredients, Fido’s gonna love this nose balm. Who doesn’t want to look better, breathe better, and smell better? 

Get it at Petco for $19.99.

If pup is looking for something vegan and super easy to apply, grab a Snout Soother Stick made by the Natural Dog Company. This stick is chock-full of helpful ingredients like vitamin E, rosemary, and jojoba oil. 

Get it on Amazon for $5.95.

Tootsie Care: Bc paws were meant for walking.

When things start to freeze, paws need to be protected. Cold surfaces can cause paw pads to dry out, flake, and crack. The salt used to melt ice on pavement contains hazardous chemicals that can be irritating to already sensitive paws. And on top of that, harsh temperatures can lead to frostbite on pup’s tootsies. Bark about a trifecta! Time to gear pup up with a barrier on her paws. Introducing paw balm!

Balms are key to keepin’ floof strutting her stuff all snowy season-long. Musher’s Secret is not only a great bang for your buck, but is all-natural, non-toxic, and super moisturizing. And its natural scent is subtle enough that Fido will stick to the treatos and stay away from licking her paws.

Get it at Petco for $24.99

Time for some shoe shopping, bc goin’ barepaw was so last summer. Winter warriors should gear up before braving the elements. Muttluks Original Dog Boots are pawfect to protect those pads against sharp ice, frozen ground, and ice melt. These reflective, fleece-lined booties are the cozy winter accessory that everypup needs.

Get it on Amazon starting at $60.00.

Coat Care: Pup’s gotta nourish to flourish.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on pupper’s skin and hair. Between the low humidity and cold air, the changes in moisture and temperature can lead to dandruff and itchy skin. And while shampooing a bit less and brushing a bit more can help maintain healthy oils on the hair and skin, sometimes you just need a lil something extra.

We ruv Zesty Paws Omega Bites to keep doggo looking and feeling her best from head to paw. These bacon-flavored treats are full of fish oil, EPA, DHA, and vitamin C to provide glowy skin, promote a strong and shiny coat, and improve immune system function. Pup’s gonna be begging for more!

Get them on Amazon for $26.97.

Winter freeze means that it’s time to visit the hydration station and lather pup with some leave-in conditioner. Warren London’s Hydrating Butter was designed for dogs who love feeling silky smooth without that greasy residue (so…all of them). We recommend opting for the Guava & Mango scent—it’s puptastic! 

Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

Did we miss your go-to winter remedies for healthy noses, toes, and coats? Bark at us in the comments! And if floofer needs some extra warmth this winter, check out our recs for adorable and functional winter coats for dogs.

Featured photo: Mikhail Nilov

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