7 Pairs of Winter Booties for Dogs to Stay Toes-ty

Do you ever notice doggo gazing longingly at (or chewing up) your shoe collection?  Blame it on his serious shoe envy. Since pup clearly wants his own Carrie Bradshaw-esque shoe closet AND his paws get h*ckin’ cold and wet in the winter, help him bound across the snow in style with these winter booties for dogs.

1. SS SUCHIRI Waterproof Dog Boots

dog wearing winter booties

Your fren sticks by your side through all your winter adventures, so the least you can do is keep her paws warm and dry. These waterproof booties feature an anti-slip sole and adjustable velcro straps for medium to big bois.

Get ‘em from Amazon for $18.99.

2. PAWZ Dog Boots

dog out for run with dog dad. dog is wearing blue booties

Sniffin’ for a fashionable, flexible bootie? Featuring seven sizes, each pack of PAWZ comes with 12 booties that can be reused. They are biodegradable for guilt-free disposal once pup’s worn ‘em a few too many times. The booties are designed to fit snugly without zippers or straps. And they look like lil balloons, which is puggin’ adorable.

Get ‘em from Petco starting at $12.

3. Petbobi Waterproof Dog Shoes

dog wearing orange winter booties

Reviewers rave these booties are a must-try for comfort and fit. Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, these reflective boots come in six sizes and are waterproof with an anti-slip sole.

Get ‘em from Amazon for $23.99.

4. FLAdorepet Large Dog Shoes

golden retriever wearing booties

Keep your doggo extra warm and handsome in these fleece-lined booties. With two hook and loop strips inside and two outside, they’re sure to stay firmly on your fren’s feet.

Get ‘em from Amazon starting at $25.90.

5. HCpet Dog Booties

black waterproof winter booties for dogs

Your dog may be small, but her sense of adventure is huge. Get her these rubber booties with a reflective strap to wear when ‘splorin. The extra kibble: These booties come in nine colors and five sizes. 

Get ‘em from Amazon for $23.99.

6. ZeroTone Warm Dog Snow Boots

dog wearing winter booties

Does your dog dream of his very own boots with the fur? Treat him to these cozy waterproof booties with an anti-slip sole. Choose from five different colors and sizes.

Get ‘em from Amazon for $14.90

7. Step n’ Strobe Dog Shoes

dog running in Kurgo winter booties

Having to cut a winter walk short when your BFF’s paws get too cold or sidewalk-salty is a bummer. Keep him comfy with these durable, lightweight, light-up shoes. Bonus: Use ‘em in summer to protect from blacktop heat.

Get them at Petco for $71.99.

Bonus: For the pup who can’t keep her booties on!

Walkee Paws

Might we introduce you to Walkee Paws? All four boots connect to each other over your dog’s back so you’ll never lose a heckin’ bootie again. Elastic drawstring leg openings let you customize the fit and tighten to keep out rain or snow. Check ’em out on Shark Tank!

Get them from Walkee Paws starting at $35

Did we fur-get pup’s fave winter booties? Woof at us in the comments & be sure to tag @sidewalkdog in all doggo’s winter wonderland pics.

Featured Photo: Okssi68

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