5 Dog-Friendly Denver Wineries

Hey all you cool woofs and woofins (I know woofins probably isn’t a word, but hey, my article my rules)! In these puppin’ mutts times, we all could use a glass (or 4) of wine to unwind. The Mile High City is known as a microbrew capital of the country, but we sniffed out some dog-friendly wineries in Denver where you and your classy canine can enjoy wine tastings on the patio. 

Note: We double-dog swear we checked that all these wineries are all operational and taking all the COVID-19 precautions. 

1. Carboy Winery

Nestled in Cap Hill, Carboy Winery has a patio where you can savor the finest of wines from all over the world! They even feature a v exclusive daily Wine and Wags special from 3 to 6 p.m. It’s win-win for doggos and their humans. Certifiable very good boys and girls get frozen doggy treats and their humans get $5 glasses of wine. 

2. The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Instagram influencer Moose the Denver Brew Dog recommends The Infinite Monkey Theorem and their 90pt Syrah. The Infinite Monkey Theorem is the perfect place for down-to-earth doggos who want the yummy wines without the pretentiousness of all those showy vineyards. Go check it out (and then tell Moose to step off cuz there’s a new bark in town). 

3. Bigsby’s Folly

Named after the owner’s late Golden Retriever, Bigsby’s Folly is a fun, chic craft winery on the outskirts of RiNo. You and your fren will dig chillin’ on the roomy patio while sampling a robust selection of locally made wines. If you’re hungry, you can munch on fancy-people appetizers and house-made desserts with gluten and dairy-free options. 

4. Deep Roots Winery and Bistro

With two locations in Denver, Deep Roots boasts an outdoor patio for imbibing wine, flights, charcuterie, cheese, and of course, a furbulous time. Come for the sips and noshes, stay for the live music on Fridays and Saturday evenings. 

5. Kingman Estates Winery

Did you have to cancel your Napa Valley wine-tasting trip cuz of h*ckin COVID? Kingman Estates Winery has you covered right here in the Mile High City. Sure it’s in an industrial location, but all their wines are made from Colorado grapes grown in Palisade and handcrafted in the facility. 

Got the scoop on other dog-friendly wineries in Denver? (Or in the burbs?) Bark at us in the comments!

(Photo by Janko Ferlic)

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