Win the Cool Things We Saw at the Global Pet Expo

We are serious journalists here at Sidewalk Dog, test-driving the latest dog toys and treats with our pups, frequenting local dog parks, finding the funniest dog memes on the Internets, and other heckin’ important stuff. And so we left the frozen tundra of Minnesota for sunny Florida to sniff out Global Pet Expo—the world’s largest pet trade show, a floof-filled world of 6,790 booths.

Ali and Casey worked hard for you, walking around like the media royalty they are (often with drinks in paw) while petting puppies (and kitties, and ferrets, and pigs… oh my!) and discovering some seriously cool dog products. Read on to learn about their faves and how and when you can win ‘em. (Sign up for our award-winning newsletter to get a reminder for these giveaway dates!)

Global Pet Expo

(Photo via @thebearandtherat)

1. The Bear & The Rat ends digestive ruh-rohs in the most delicious way: with frozen yogurt treats. Each one packs in a serving of prebiotics and four plant-based digestive enzymes to keep pupper happy ‘n hydrated. The brand received funding on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2012, and is coming to Whole Foods in April (see current spots to buy here). Win it: Friday, April 19 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of NVMPet)

2. Woofers need their beauty rest, too, and Beautyrest comfort loungers deliver. Ali and Casey deemed this the best quality pet bed at the expo—the foam is similar to what Beautyrest puts in its mattresses fur humans, and the cover zips off so you can throw it in the washing machine to keep bedtime freshy-fresh. Heck, Fido might even stop hogging your bed. Win it: Friday, March 29 on our Instagram

Global Pet Expo

(Photo courtesy of KONG)

3. Get ready fur a road trip: A full KONG Travel line is launching this summer! First up: the HandiPOD, the most useful poop bag dispenser you’ve never seen. It has both flashlight and hand sanitizer attachments and we’re wondering where it’s been all our walks. Win it: Friday, April 5 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of Kurgo)

4. The Kurgo Rucksack is so new, you can’t even buy it yet, but Sidewalk Doggers helped get it funded (paw-duction starts in April). And in the words of Saturday Night Live’s Stefon, this sack has everything: breathe-able sides (fur doggo naps), a roll-away top, a removable interior pad, Durable Water Resistant (DWR) fabric, a separate, fleece-lined laptop compartment, a bottle opener, and generally Instagrammable fashion. Win it: Friday, April 12 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of Outward Hound)

5. Outward Hound’s Nina Ottosson games are boredom-curing, brain-building gems that come in three difficulty levels for your smartypaws. Ali and Casey liked the Dog Tornado, a multi-level, spinning wonder that challenges your pup to find the treats hiding inside. Win it: Friday, April 5 on our Instagram

Global Pet Expo

(Photo courtesy of PetSafe)

6. Another pet parent life hack spotted at Global: PetSafe’s Richochet Electronic Dog Toys. When your furry friend interacts with one of them, the second toy gives off a squeak. Once the focus is centered on the second toy, the squeak sound bounces back to the first. Your pup will ruv it (and meet his daily step goal in no time). Win it: Friday, March 29 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of TEEF!)

7. Wouldn’t it be nice if our pups could brush their own teeth? TEEF! is makin’ our dreams reality. It’s a a water additive made from natural, plant-derived ingredients that turns your pup’s water bowl into a molecular toothbrush, cleaning your dog’s mouth every time they drink. No wonder they earned the “Best Barker” Award during Bark Your Biz, a pet industry entrepreneur pitch competition at Global Pet Expo. Win it: Friday, April 19 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of Kitchen Dog)

8. Kitchen Dog‘s dish sets are grrreat for taller doggos, can be mounted at any height, and end the sadness (and ensuing chaos) of knocked over noms. Just stick ’em to the wall and you’re good to go. Win it: Friday, April 12 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of Puppy Cake)

9. Since one dog year’s the rough equivalent of seven human years, you’d better make sure your pooch gets one heckuva celebration every puppin’ birthday. Puppy Cake‘s bone-shaped, BPA-free silicone pan and collection of cake and ice cream mixes for dogs are grrreat for marking all the occasions, with flavors including pumpkin, peanut butter, maple bacon, and more. Win it: Friday, April 26 on our Instagram

(Photo courtesy of PetComfort by WeatherTech)

10. Different sizes, colors, and number of bowls make PetComfort by WeatherTech‘s feeding systems fit your doggo just right. Ergonomic feeding bowls with an elongated front give dogs easy access to the good stuff, and the non-slip, edged mat contains every spill without scuffing floors. Throw the whole thing in the dishwasher when Fido’s done indulging. Win it: Friday, April 26 on our Instagram

While we’re discussing favorite things we saw, here’s one of the human variety: Dr. Evan Antin from Animal Planet’s Evan Goes Wild, who was honored for his Outstanding Contribution to the Pet Industry. The ladies may or may not have waited in line to get this close up. You’re welcome.

Don’t wanna wait to win something cool? You can win a KONG Box ASAP, right this way. And while you’re doing all the things, we’d love you fur-ever if you took 30 seconds to vote for us to win a FedEx Small Business Grant.

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