6 thoughts on “Win a Treat & Sweatshirt Bundle from Shameless Pets ($180 Value)

  1. gana hess

    My Tucker has had a hard time this year.
    Started a new job and he’s not too happy with me.
    Some treats would make his day.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Karen Quale

    My dogs love to get dressed up. They know how to put their arms in the sleeves and everything. They like to have a variety but my big dog has gotten TOO FAT for her T-shirt so she needs a bigger one. She’s a very large Staphenshire. The biggest size you have. She is around 90-100 lbs but I can roll around on the floor with her and I’m only 135 lbs. My min-pin is little but could fit a medium. She’s a chunky little girl. She loves to put on her “pretties” too as I call them. My girl’s are lazy! Thank you for an opportunity to win these. I hope I win both of them. It’s getting cold!


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