16 thoughts on “Win a $200 Gift Card to Chewy.com

  1. Sharon Clapper

    I I feed close to 30 cats house pets and18)(?) ferals . I could use some extra help,please!
    I am 71 , on a small fixed income ,but take good care of my critters !

    1. Dssiree

      Honestly after seeing comments of how some may take care of multible cats and and other animals i think that person should get the money they are doing something absolutly wonderful and generous.

  2. Kim V

    I have a German Shepherd that eats a lot of grub!~ we go thru the huge bags pretty quickly, & on a retirement salary, everything helps!

    1. Gina Juron

      Gabrielle is 11 month old puppy she is a Retriever Labrador mixed with dachshund t she is eating Rachael Ray’s Dish dog food and also Fresh Start dog food. Chicken and vegetables or turkey and vegetables. Snakes: real chicken or turkey or peanut butter. No artificial ingredients!

  3. Jacqueline Davison-McLean

    I love Chewy❤️ I get my dogs food and flea & tick and heart worm meds delivered. It’s all set on auto delivery so I never have to worry to remember. I can make changes when needed too.
    I foster dogs too and sometimes need special foods for them. The fast delivery is incredible!! A gift card would be helpful to cover my foster fur kids needs.
    Btw: They have the best prices on all our pets needs.

  4. Walt

    Help Southeastern Guide Dogs in Pameto,Fl provide Seeing eye dogs and Disabled Veterans Serice Dogs. Everyone can send them a donation


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