11 thoughts on “Win a $200 Gift Card to Chewy.com

  1. Sharon Clapper

    I I feed close to 30 cats house pets and18)(?) ferals . I could use some extra help,please!
    I am 71 , on a small fixed income ,but take good care of my critters !

    1. Dssiree

      Honestly after seeing comments of how some may take care of multible cats and and other animals i think that person should get the money they are doing something absolutly wonderful and generous.

  2. Kim V

    I have a German Shepherd that eats a lot of grub!~ we go thru the huge bags pretty quickly, & on a retirement salary, everything helps!

    1. Gina Juron

      Gabrielle is 11 month old puppy she is a Retriever Labrador mixed with dachshund t she is eating Rachael Ray’s Dish dog food and also Fresh Start dog food. Chicken and vegetables or turkey and vegetables. Snakes: real chicken or turkey or peanut butter. No artificial ingredients!


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