Why Mobile Grooming Can Be A Great Option for Dogs

We ruv bringing you the scoop on Minnesota’s most furbulous pet businesses, so we were thrilled when Roni’s Mobile Grooming asked us to spread the woof about theirs.

Mobile grooming can be a nice alternative for pups whose health issues or personalities mean traditional grooming provides too much commotion, and it’s an ultra-convenient choice for busy pet parents (that would be all of us). We caught up with owner Roni Byrd to take a peek into the fun and fast-paced day of a mobile groomer.

Roni's Mobile Grooming

Lily and her tiny human, who came on board for a tour. Photo: KME Photography

SWD: Tell us a bit about your routine. How do you start your day?

RMG: On a typical day I leave my house at around 7:30 to get to my first dog by 8:00. I generally groom four or five dogs a day. When I get to each house, I turn on the water heater and make sure it’s a cozy temperature inside the truck. Then I then go to the door and get the dog. If they’re a new client, I also invite the human inside for a little tour.

SWD: We imagine first-time pups could feel a bit shy in your truck. Which tricks of the trade can help them feel comfy?

RMG: My four-legged clients get a little time to relax in the truck while I get things started. I let them wander around inside for a little bit to check things out so they are completely comfortable with their surroundings, then they get some hugs and cuddles up on the table.

Roni's Mobile Grooming

Lily with the good hair, post-groom. Photo: KME Photography

SWD: For folks who may be unfamiliar with the grooming process itself, can you tell us a bit about what it entails?

RMG: We start with a warm bath, which includes shampoo, conditioner, and a blow dry. Next, the dog is brushed, combed, clipped, and snipped for a nice, polished finish. I do the nails next, then I trim the feet. The last thing I do is the head and face. By the time I’m finishing the face, the dog is so relaxed that he falls asleep while I’m scissoring! I top it off with either bows or a bandanna, and a spritz of cologne. I take a finished picture, and the final step is to bring Fido or Fifi back inside for their person to admire.

SWD: What are some of your favorite parts of being a pet groomer?

RMG: I adore seeing how excited my regular dogs get when they see me pull up, the difference between the before and after, and the client’s reaction to the finished groom. My very favorite is when a dog tries to leave with me again after everything is done.

Roni's Mobile Grooming

Proud Buddy’s before and after. Photo: Roni’s Mobile Grooming

SWD: You’ve received loads of rave reviews. What type of feedback are you most proud of?

RMG: The best praise comes from the dogs themselves — the difference in their attitude and demeanor that I attribute to our mobile setting. In the photo above, you can see how timid and scared Buddy was before the groom. His “after” picture says it all. He is happy and proud. His owner was amazed at the difference!

Ronis-Mobile-Grooming-LogoThis post was brought to you by our fur-iends at Roni’s Mobile Grooming (763-234-0151), whose sparkly clean vans and experienced groomers serve most of the greater Twin Cities. Roni’s on a roll to get your pup looking spiffy in the new year! Don’t forget to tell her Sidewalk Dog sent ya.

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