Pup-ular Science: What Really Causes Dog Aggression?

Photo: Janko Ferlic via Unsplash

As someone who has loved a couple of aggressive — er, temperamental — dogs throughout my life, I’ve often wondered about the cause of their more troublesome behaviors. Baby, were they born this way? Or were early-life experiences responsible for their less-than-ideal reactions to certain triggers?

Scientists are working toward better understanding aggression in dogs, and a recent article in National Geographic, “Why Are Some Dogs More Aggressive,” outlines a new study that clarifies the role of hormones in dog behavior. The researchers hope the clues found in hormones can be used to develop treatments for dog aggression, thus preventing bites and lowering surrender rates in shelters. Check out the article, then tell us in the comments: Do you love a reactive dog? What has helped them live safely and successfully in your home?

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