How to Know When it’s Time to Adopt a Second Dog

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Many questions cross the mind of dog parents each day: “Did I leave the butter dish too close to the edge of the counter?” “Does my dog follow me to the bathroom because I follow her?”

Then there’s a bigger question that eventually presents itself once you’ve settled into doggy bliss: “Should I get another dog?”

If any of you are struggling with this choice, consider these precious stories of how 12 families knew it was time to add more love in their lives:

1. “My wife finally talked me into fostering. This is the foster’s second day in our home. It didn’t take long to sign the adoption papers. What choice did we have?” – Karl Peterson

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Karl Peterson

2. “I got dog number #2 because I wanted dog #1 to have a friend. Dog #3 was a foster fail. Maybe there’s a doggie #4 the future?!” – Rachael Hamilton

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Rachael Hamilton

3. “We decided it was time for a second dog when Levi looked like this all the time…”

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Jennifer Markey

“…now he looks like this.” – Jennifer Markey

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Jennifer Markey

4. “When we got Sidney she was afraid of almost everything, but LOVED other dogs. We sought out a confident older dog to show her the ways of the world, and six months later George joined the family.” – Emily C. Berezni

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Emily C. Berezni

5. “The vet and I decided a companion could ease his Mosby’s anxiety. I ended up with 10-week-old Marceline and these two have been inseparable. He’s become very protective of her and in return she taught him how to be a dog again.” – Valerie Christina Sanchez

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Valerie Christina Sanchez

6. “My resident 12-year-old Rat Terrier went for a play date with a friend’s foster puppy. She wouldn’t let him sleep; she wanted to play with him so much. So we adopted him. He loves his big little sister so much.” – Shanan Brannan

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Shanan Brannan

7. “Let’s just say one should never (always?) go to the humane society after happy hour — that’s how we ended up with another puppy. ” – Naomi Wente

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Naomi Wente

8. “My hubby says, ‘One dog is priceless, two dogs are worth half a dog, and three dogs are worthless.’ However, he drove three hours to pick up our third…” – Vickie Bosveld

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Vickie Bosveld

9. “My rescue Boston had a critical accident at daycare; the resulting mobility issues kept him from socializing with other dogs and he seemed lonely. We felt a small-dog puppy would grow to be a playmate that couldn’t hurt him — little did we know how much it would help him stay young and fit. They love each other and we adore them both.” – Nancy Carrigan

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Nancy Carrigan

10. “Both of my babies are from the Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest. When we went down to pick up Smitty, Hattie was the one snuggling and licking and showing affection — so we came home with two!” – Kaitlin Barrett

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Kaitlin Barrett

11. “When we got pregnant with our second kid, we decided we needed a second dog, too, so that our Lab would have someone to play with. We did a foster-to-adopt and found the perfect ChiWeenie. They are best friends!” – Christina Martinez

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Christina Martinez

12. “Ivy was described as ‘no taller than a bag of chips.’ Something about that phrase made me fall in love.” – Heather Stephenson

when to adopt a second dog

Photo: Heather Stephenson

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  1. deanna giller

    we saved a cute 6 month old old english bull doggie we were done R boxer past away 9 months ago so we were empty nesters the house was just so lonely for me So now I wonder if she needs a play mate she is so full of engry we have a acher fenched in yard but she gets board out there by her self and she LOVES the dog park


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