When Finding a Dog-Friendly Apartment is the Pits

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It can be tough out there for a renting pet owner: While dog-friendly apartments are relatively common, size and breed restrictions limit options for four-legged family members who are on the bigger side or on the list of commonly discriminated-against breeds. Lack of inclusive pet-friendly housing is also a major cause of shelter overpopulation.

So we’re thrilled to spread the woof about Flux, an all-breed apartment community in Uptown. Rather than basing their pet policies on breed stereotypes, the folks at Flux decide which doggy tenants to allow based on good-dog credentials, namely the Canine Good Citizen certificate. If your pup can pass this test of manners and temperament, she’s likely to be accepted at Flux — even if she’s a pit bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or Doberman (Editor’s note: We’re clutching our pearls!).

Photo: KME Photography

All breeds welcome in gorgeous, hip Flux. Photo: KME Photography

“We know that good tenants come in all sizes and breeds,” says Jen Hanevik, property manager at Flux. “We treat dogs as individuals, and use the Canine Good Citizen requirement to hold them all to the same standard of behavior. Good dogs make good neighbors, no matter their breed.”

Wanna get your pup their Canine Good Citizen bone-a fides? Local classes abound. We’ve got major ruv for Twin Cities Obedience Training Club in Minneapolis, whose trainers apply positive, humane techniques across their wide array of classes. (And how’s this for pawfect timing: Their next CGC class starts in January.)

Flux's on-site dog park. Photo: KME Photography

Off-leash fun at Flux’s on-site dog park. Photo: KME Photography

Flux’s practical policies aren’t the only thing that make ’em so pawesome for pup owners: They also boast a private on-site dog park and self-wash stations, and are located in one of the most vibrant, dog-friendly neighborhoods of Minneapolis. [All Saturday Properties offer the same breed-friendly policies.]

More tips for dog-owning apartment hunters:

  • When possible, give yourself plenty of time to search. Our all-breed apartment directory and recommendations from family, friends, and social networks are a great place to start.
  • Keep in mind that an apartment’s breed-restrictive policy doesn’t mean exceptions are never made. Try a friendly, open conversation with management, include a pet resume with your application (don’t forget that CGC!), or even arrange in-person meeting between the landlord and your charming, well-mannered pup.
  • And once you’re in? Commit to being a next-level awesome tenant. Landlords’ experience with respectful pets and their peeps will pave the way for future apartment hunters.
Photo: KME Photography

Photo: KME Photography

Know of other all-breed digs? Have a rental search story or tips to share? Doo tell!

FluxLogoWhiteThis story was brought to you by the dog lovers at Flux, an Uptown gem known for its resort amenities, outstanding services, and vibrant community. All breeds allowed — and welcomed!


Photo: KME Photography

Photo: KME Photography

4 thoughts on “When Finding a Dog-Friendly Apartment is the Pits

  1. Bail

    Cool, but I wish you guys would do some spotlights on apartments that aren’t out of most people’s price range! $1400+ for only 6-700 sq ft is really tough for people and dogs. How about some more affordable places?

  2. Lucy Thornsjo

    The Verge in St Louis Park is dog friendly–w/some breed restrictions. Over 50% of the residents, I am told, have dogs. It is a wonderfully friendly place and the dog owners work at having well cared-for animals who are under control and friendly.

  3. Shannon

    Mypitbullisfamily.org would be a great addition to resources in the article. We’re home to the largest database of rentals that do not discriminate based on breed. We also host many events around the city to raise awareness about these issues!


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