We’re Going Mutts for Puppy Showers: Here’s How to Host One

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, we saw stars James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss throw a “puppy shower” to welcome their dog, Graham, to the fam. But these furry fêtes aren’t just for celebredogs. More and more of ’em have been popping up on Instagram and Pinterest, and We.👏 Are.👏 Here.👏 For.👏 It.👏

Yeah it’s “extra” as pup, but you’re reading this, dog pawrent, and we want you to know we’re in full support. Here are our suggestions for everything from food and décor to games and favors. Get ready for a tail-wagging time!

There’s no “puppy shower” section at Party City, so we can thank our lucky paws for Etsy. Artists galore can customize an invitation for your party’s furry guest of honor, like this cartoon creation or this chalkboard-inspired print.

PetSmart and Petco may not offer registry options (yet!), but you can curate a list of everything you need through gift-giving sites like Amazon and Zola. You’ll wanna ask for the basics like bowls and a bed, but throw in some “extras” as well. We love this fashion-forward food canister and pet teepee tent. Guests can even gift services like grooming and dog walking. This dog’s gonna be so heckin’ loved.        

It’s not a pawty without some themed décor. “Woof” mylar balloons and a dog-accented garland set the scene, while plates, cups, and napkins can play up the classic blue-for-boy or pink-for-girl color scheme if that’s your thang. For a finishing touch, snag a stamp that’ll make it look as though a dirty dog trekked his way across the invites.

Food and Drinks
Skip the kibble in favor of a menu featuring iconic “dog” foods. We recommend a DIY hot dog bar where guests can flavor their franks with everything from ketchup and mustard to relish and chili cheese, or a platter of corn dogs. Dog bowls (brand new, we hope) overflowing with peanut butter-chocolate puppy chow serve double doody (sorry, we had to) as a sweet treat and table centerpiece. For dessert, consider baking dog-bone-shaped cookies for dogs and hoomans. As for refreshing beverages, a couple of Sidewalk Doggers suggested a “toilet water” punch, a combo of Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast juice and Sprite—we won’t judge if you decide to make it boozy (or decorate it with a roll of Charmin).

Games and Activities
Many a baby and bridal shower game can be adapted to fit your dog-centric shindig. Sidewalk Dogger Ashley Tilden recently hosted a surprise puppy shower where they played a dog-gear edition of The Price Is Right and “guess the melted candy bar” inside poo bags, while Michelle Stelzig and her guests matched Disney animals to their movies. Jan Kohn Snell suggests providing index cards and markers for those in attendance to leave their best pawrenting advice.

As pawesome as it’d be to dole out puppies as pawty favors (à la Bridesmaids), we realize that’s probably not realistic (but, um, if you’re planning on doing this, can we please be invited?). A small token, however, will make your shower un-fur-gettable. Mini dachshund-shaped soaps will conjure happy memories of your puppy shower long after it’s over, and matching collar-and-bracelet sets will let guests accessorize with their pooch. A doggy bag of take-home treats ensures the pups at home’ll feel included, too.

Don’t wanna host at home? We’ve got you. Check out our directory of dog-friendly places for ideas on where to throw your puppy shower.

(Photos courtesy of Ichabod’s Imagination, Nightingale Wedding, and Mutts-n-Bones on Etsy)

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