Pup Enrichment: Everyday Agility, Which Hand, & More

Time for your scariest ghouls, witches, and ghosts! Toss in some election, pandemic, and general existential dread and it’s one h*ck of a frightening October. Most haunting of all? A bored dog who’s about to go to town on all your new quarantine buys. Keep your chewing Cujo occupied with some weekend canine enrichment!

Mental Enrichment for Dogs

Brown shepard dog is fed kibble in remnants of dog toys. One of our ideas for weekend canine enrichment.
Lauren Profio

Oh no, are your dog’s stuffies secretly zombies and coming back from the dead? No, but they are getting a second life as part of your dog’s enrichment! After a toy’s been destuffed, there’s no need to toss it; take out the remaining stuffing and use them to hide kibble and treats that your dog needs to sniff out. 

Just like with other toys, make sure you keep an eye on your pup to avoid any choking hazards!

Physical Enrichment for Dogs

Dog agility is probably one of the best physical enrichment activities you can do for your dog; they’re getting a body workout and they have to think through how to get over these different challenges. We’ve talked about dog agility before, but there’s plenty more everyday “agility” equipment in the real world. 

Try looking for everyday agility in your daily walk! Having your dog walk across a bench’ll have them jumping, working on balance, and striving to perfect a graceful dismount. Climbing on playground equipment is a dynamic workout that’s far more stimulating than just walking the sidewalk.

Make sure to respect the playground rules and any human puppies who may be around!

Food Enrichment for Dogs

Teach your pup about the power of choice with the “Which Hand” game. You probably remember it from your playground days, but all you need is a treat to play this with your best bud. Close your fist around a treat and offer both hands to your dog to sniff. When your dog sniffs it out correctly, reward your Sherlock Bones with the treat! Start easy by letting them see where the treat is before you close your fists, but then raise the difficulty by not showing them where it started or switching things behind your back. This’ll be a great thinker for your pup and also an excellent party trick.

What’s on your pup’s enrichment agendog this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Featured photo: Visually Us

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