7 Perfect Wedding Outfits for Dogs

Hear us out: What if man’s best friend was also your best man? More and more people are involving their canine companions on their wedding day. After all, they’re your best buds—why shouldn’t they get to bless this momentous life event? And whether they’re acting as ring bearer or a guest who’s gonna applaud you and pose for some pictures, you’ve gotta find the perfect wedding ‘fit for your fren. Check out these wedding outfits for dogs to make sure everyone looks their best on your big day.

1. A floral wreath that says “enough about the flower girl already, check me out.”

Most of the time when the dog’s covered in flower petals it’s because there’s been a horrifying garden-burrowing incident while your back was turned…but not in this case! A floral wreath like this one is great because it’s customizable by size and even color, so your canine can match the floral arrangements and color scheme you’ve got going on elsewhere in the decor. 

Get it on Etsy starting at $35.

2. An “I do too” collar and leash that’ll have your guests all *cry emoji*.

Tan collar and leash with rose gold hardware and jeweled letters that say "I do too"
HouseOfFurBaby on Etsy

Speaking of customizable, get a load of this too-cute collar and leash combo. It’s available in a whopping 19 colors to coordinate with your big day, from white to ocean blue to peachy blush to dusty mauve. Also available leash-only or collar-only for the furry minimalist! 

Get it on Etsy starting at $31.69.

3. A tuxedo dog harness that’ll turn heads wherever he goes.

Pug wearing a tuxedo harness

It can be tricky to settle on the right dog wedding attire. Some dogs’ll let you put ‘em in a whole-ass gown, while others freak out the second an item of clothing looks like it’s meant for dogs. These dapper duds do double duty: as a harness to keep your lil guy leashed *and* as a tux to keep him looking as handsome as any of the guys in the groom’s party. 

Available from Petco starting at $14.99.

4. A tuxedo bandana that’s as easy to wear as it is classy.

Don’t want or need a whole new harness? A tuxedo dog bandana is equal parts cute as heck, formal as frick, and easy as pup: just fasten it behind your pal’s neck and take it off if they’re getting a little antsy at the reception. This Etsy shop offers tux-danas in dozens of colors, so one bowtie is guaranteed to match whatever the groomsmen are sporting come wedding day. 

Get it on Etsy starting at $25.

5. An enchanting tutu for Toto if she’s more into skirts.

Sorry but look at this little lady! She’s having the time of her life in this pearl-bedazzled tutu! A great pick for four-legged bridesmaids, this little number is also clearly the kind of thing you’ll probably end up putting on the dog again and again just because she looks so darn adorable in it.

Get it on Etsy starting at $14.45.

6. A little top hat that’ll make your classy canine look dapper as all h*ck.

I say old chap, how do you know the bride and groom? For a formal wedding affair, this top hat ensures your top dog is up to snuff in the dress code department. Fancy walking cane not included. 

Get it at Petco for $9.99.

7. A ring-bearer pillow for dogs triumphantly serving as wedding *star*.

If you’re making pup a part of the wedding by having her act as ring bearer, this perfect little pouf will help her execute the role in style (and without losing the rings themselves).

Get it on Etsy for $24.99.

Tips for Wedding Outfits for Dogs

  • Teach your dog to have a positive association with the clothes before the big day. Have her try on her new stuff several times, and give out rewards in the form of treats and verbal affirmations while you do.
  • Dress doggo for the weather. If the event is outdoors—especially in the hot summer months—make sure his new wedding day duds won’t be too hot.
  • Make sure you’re getting the right size. Experts recommend making sure you can slip two fingers between the outfit and your canine (or between canine and cloth measuring tape, if you’re in the sizing process). You don’t want something that’s too restrictive.
  • This is a big one: avoid small pieces. Dogs can chew off and choke on anything that’s small or hanging off of the clothing item. 
  • Keep time in mind. Your pup probably doesn’t have to be in her wedding attire—however adorable and stylish it may be—for the length of the event. Once the ceremony’s over and the formal photos are done, letting her return to her more “paw naturale” state will make sure she has fun without getting stressy about the outfit. 

The Wedding March Just Got Cuter

Involving your dog in your big day can be so much fun—just think of the “awwwws” as your four-legged flower girl or barking best man makes their debut. Hopefully these suggestions will help make planning their involvement a little easier!

Did your bestie end up donning one of these adorable wedding outfits for dogs? Share all about how handsome he looked in the comments and be sure to share with the doggo bridesmaid or groomsman-to-be in your life!

Featured photo: Vasylyna Kucherepa

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