6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Gotcha Day

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There are several important milestones in every human’s life, but the most important day in your doggo’s is the day you entered theirs. Since your dog has no concept of calendars and isn’t quite sure of their birthday, you two will always have Gotcha Day. Say yay on bestie’s adoption anniversary with six fun ways to celebrate your dog’s Gotcha Day. 

1. Throw a Gotcha Day Party

decorations for dog Gotcha Day

We all know that everyday’s a party for your dog, but Gotcha Day is the perfect time to throw one in their honor. The best part is that they’re dogs and have no expectations. Put a few streamers up, get some of their favorite snackies, and invite their besties–they’ll appreciate the effort.

Get the party started with this decoration kit from Amazon.

2. Take Pup on a Pet Store Shopping Spree

Getting new toys is always fun, and it’s especially fun when you’re not buying them with your own money! We know that Fido is always giving you those I-O-U slips every time you go to the pet store, so treat him to a shopping spree for his Gotcha Day. Let him use his sniffer to spot his favorite things in the store and buy a few of the items that he seems to really gravitate to. While the toy may not last one heavy play sesh, the memories will last forever.

3. Capture Their Beauty in a Custom Portrait

SueSanDesigns on Etsy

Like the kings and queens before them, your dog is royalty and they deserve to be treated as such. Commemorate the day they conquered your heart with a custom portrait in their likeness. Search sites like Etsy to choose the artist you think will best capture your pet’s beauty and personality.

4. Host a Donation Drive for Their Shelter Alma Mater

Your pupper reps Adoption U loud and proud and is a big believer in being an alum donor. Help them be the philanthro-pup they were meant to be by organizing a donation drive for the shelter they were adopted from. Check to see if there’s a wishlist of supplies they may need or just start a fundraiser!

A fun idea (that gives back to your pup too!) is to offer your dog an incentive for each fundraising milestone you may meet. If we raise $100, Fluffy gets an ice cream cone? Don’t tell Fluffy or else your credit card may go missing…

5. Treat Your Fluff to a Special Snack

AnniesPoochPops on Etsy

Their favorite restaurant may be the trash can, but why not mix it up for their Gotcha Day with a special treat? There are probably plenty of local restaurants that are dog-friendly and may even have a dog menu that you could take them out to. Or maybe bake them a doggy cake with love at home! There are also several bakeries online that specialize in dog treats that would be perfect for Gotcha Day like this Happy Dog Meal

6. Love Your Dog the Way They Want to be Loved

It may be easy to get caught up with trying to make content for your pup’s Instagram followers, but don’t forget that this day is about them! If your dog is an adventure boy, take him for a hike. If she loves her people, have her faves come visit her all day. 

There’s No Wrong Way to Celebrate Gotcha Day! 

In the end, there’s no need for pomp and circumstance. Any way you choose to celebrate is perfect and will make your pup so happy. So get out there and let her know that you’re thankful that you both got each other.

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