Local Woman Convinces Prestigious National Newspaper to Publish Phrase “Shed Happens”

Sidewalk Dog was thrilled to be mentioned in a new travel story for the Washington Post, Fur flies over travel industry pet cleanup charges. The article details the charges that can be incurred by pet parents if their four-legged BFF is overly slobbery or shed-prone during dog-friendly travel in hotels, rental cars, and more.

Sidewalk Dog pack leader Ali Jarvis is quoted as a pet travel guru in the article. Among other things, she says: “Shed happens, and it’s wonderful to see more and more hotels opening up their spaces to our four-legged family members.”

Also wonderful? Seeing our cheesy pet puns make the national news. (Up next: getting “pup yeah” into the New York Times.)

Check out the article, then tell us: what are some of the good, bad, and hairy experiences you’ve had when traveling with your pooch?

(Photo by Josh Bean)

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