Wall-leaping dog and her best pup adopted from Minneapolis animal shelter.

You know those friends who seem to truly get you and whose company you adore? Your bond is so strong that you find yourself wanting to go everywhere with them. Time spent together passes by seamlessly and you’re always up for a hangout. You may even feel that you’d leap through mountains to be with them.

This is an endearing story of such a friendship.

In Minneapolis, a truly inspiring act of loyalty prompted the adoption of two stray dogs who were inseparable.

Living the stray life in Minneapolis

Life as a stray in the streets can be a rough ticket. The search for food and decent places to sleep can be stressful and friendships on the street are all about loyalty. The people and dogs you come across can be very meaningful in such a delicate and survival-driven situation, and tight alliances are made. 

Brenda and Linda are pit bull mix pals who met while roaming the streets of Minneapolis as strays dogs. When they arrived at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) it was clear to the entire staff that these girls had a special bond. 

A friendship bound to last

They’re so bonded that when Brenda and Linda are socializing in the play yard and another dog comes sniffing ‘round Linda, Brenda jumps right in between them to break them apart. 

Yikes! Talk about being possessive!

But how deep does this bond go? 

A surprise at the kennel

The staff at MACC were stunned when checking their security camera. What they saw was a testament to the depth of a dog’s friendship (and impressive physical capacity). 

It so happened that two of the employees at the shelter were walking through the kennels checking in on the pups when they saw something unusual. 

At the MAAC shelter, each dog is assigned one kennel where they have everything they need: water, food, and a comfy space to nap.

But one morning while checking in on the kennels, the staff were surprised to suddenly find two dogs rushing together to a kennel door to greet them. It was Brenda and Linda, happily sharing a kennel and waving their pittie tails to their astonished shelter caregivers.

Kennel for two?

Madison Weissenborn, an employee of MACC, was one of the staff members who found the dogs together and said “We had to like triple take, like, what’s going on, because two pitties came to the front of the kennel to greet us, and we were like, ‘What?'”

But how did these gals manage to pull off this kennel get-together? 

This mystery baffled the staff until they were dumbfounded by what the security camera revealed had happened the previous night. In the footage Brenda is seen doing an incredible climbing stunt: She managed to climb the kennel wall in order to be closer to her best friend Linda. (aww)

They couldn’t believe their eyes, never had they seen a dog scale a kennel wall!

The amazing leap!

“And then I saw the magic of the scaling of the wall,” said a MACC employee as she describes seeing the impressive camera footage.

One thing was clear to everyone at the shelter: these pups really like each other’s company. So it was decided to place Brenda and Linda in one larger kennel.

A bundle of love

The kennel-mates would spend most nights sleeping tightly next to each other, forming one huge ball. This endearing image made the staff at MACC decide to offer the girls as an adoption package: these buddies are surely inseparable.

It’s not always easy to find homes for fully grown dogs, let alone two together. Sadly, Weissenberg said that adoptions had dropped and surrenders had gone up 20% in Minneapolis, bringing the shelter to near capacity.

Spider-Dog goes viral!

But, thanks to the internet and social media, the video of Brenda’s impossible feat to join her best bud Linda became viral! Around the world, thousands of mobile phones, computers, and smart TVs played the images of a heroic Brenda leaping over the kennel wall to reach her dear best friend.

Best friends forever find forever home

Brenda’s determination and loyalty to keep her ‘sis company was so inspiring that they soon found a loving family that adopted them both. The hobo-ing and kennel-ing days were over for these girls and they would now join a family eager to welcome their love. 

Brenda dragged her new owner to the car where Linda was already waiting, ready for a fresh new start together with their new loving family. 

With each other’s company, they’ll certainly “move mountains.”

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