Doggone Honest Review: Walkee Paws

Attention pup pawrents who live in cold and snowy climates: can we just take a second to yap about how ruff it is to keep doggo’s paws both clean and warm during winter walkies? Not only do you have to keep track of 4 separate booties, but putting them on is literally like putting shoes on a small hooman child. It’s like your floof furgets how to move her body all of a sudden, amirite?

For all those times when inclement weather makes paws a pain to deal with (cuz let’s face it, the year-round struggle is real), thank dog there’s Walkee Paws, the world’s first doggy leggings! By covering both your pupper’s paws and her legs, Walkee Paws will fully protect her from whatever yuck and muck she figures out a way to get into.

Our pack here at Sidewalk Dog had the chance to take a few pairs of Walkee Paws adjustable leggings for a test run with our own pups. Keep digging for more deets!

Alfie’s ready to brrrave the snow! / Danielle Cole


Alfie (aka Alfred Bitchcock): 1-year-old Coton de Tulear, pretentious, cranky but lovable, most likely to not be caught dead wearing dog tights.

Skeptical to say the least, Alfie was a ruff sell! Thankfully Walkee Paws are not only adjustable, but come in a wide variety of both sizes and colors (for style-conscious pooches), so there are options for smol fries and big buds alike. The tights were simple enough to slip on Alfie, and after a few moments of “are you fur real?” looks at mom Danielle, and a couple of encouraging treatos, he took his first few tentative steps. Fast forward 5 minutes, and he was prancing around in the snow like nothing was different! According to Danielle, “normal booties slip off Alfie’s feet, so he usually has to have a bath after every walk…these have been a game changer (for both of us) to say the least.”

Alfie’s rating: 🐾 🐾 🐾 (3 sets of paws out of 4)

Maggie Moo

Maggie Moo (aka Moo Moo Head): 13-year-old Cavalier, mama’s girl, center of attention, fine with whatever you want to do as long as it includes pets (and treats).

As Sidewalk Dog’s self-appointed fearless leader, Maggie is the beloved furbabe of our owner and CEO, Ali. Both Ali and Maggie telepathically agreed that they were nervous to give Walkee Paws a go. “Maggie has arthritis in her legs and can be pretty unsteady even without booties or anything else on,” Ali said.

Getting them on a senior pup is a bit more challenging, but once they were on and adjusted to fit, they worked like a charm! Ali says she was “pleasantly surprised by how well she walked in them—they are honestly fantastic.” See fur yourself!

Maggie’s rating: 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 (4 sets of paws out of 4)


Danaerys (aka Dani Girl): 7-year-old English Springer Spaniel/Lab/Shepard mix, loving, gassy, very maternal and protective of the tiny human her pawrents recently brought home, terrified of garage doors.

Dry paws, full heart, can’t lose! / Casey Matter

As Casey, Dani’s mom told us, she has battled allergies her whole life. “Because of excessive itching and gnawing, her paws are often pretty raw and gunk builds up really bad to perpetuate the issue. We’ve gotten into a ‘spaw’ routine of wiping her paws with medicated wipes 1-2 times a day, including after walks. Especially during our MN winters since they’re so slushy and dirty.”

When it came to trying out their pair of Walkee Paws, Dani and Casey followed the instructions on the website for putting them on and adjusting them, and off they went! “Walkee Paws fit her well and she honestly took to them so easily…and getting them off was super quick. I think it was just four awkward steps and then she was prancing around like a puppy again,” said Casey.

Dani’s rating: 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 (4 sets of paws out of 4)

The Verdict

It can be tough at first to get the fit just right on the leggings, but give yourself a little extra time to prep before your first few walks and it’s smooth sailing! Also, if you have a hesitant hound when it comes to wearing anything, you’ll also want be puppared for a little awkwardness in his first few steps (but have your camera rrready bc it’s so heckin’ cute). Other than that, our ruv for them was unanimous. Sidewalk Dog gives Walkee Paws 4 clean & dry paws way up!

Featured photo: Casey Matter

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