This High-Tech Dog Collar Could Prolong Your Pup’s Life

The Waggit collar: A new way to keep Sparky happy, healthy, and safe. 

Two years ago, Renee and Luke noticed a lump on the shoulder of their beloved pit bull. A trip to the vet confirmed their worst fear: cancer, untreatable due to its late stage. This family’s experience is as common as it is heartbreaking. After all, most of us aren’t in the habit of monitoring our dog’s vital signs, and they can’t tell us they’re in pain.

Which is why Waggit, a brand new doggy health and well-being monitor, is a total game changer for pets and the people who love ’em. Waggit is wearable tech that provides insights on all facets of your dog’s life, helping you proactively manage their health.

Features Galore

waggit collar

Waggit provides up-to-date information on Fido’s vitals, body position, and sleep quality.

More importantly, it can alert you of any noteworthy changes to these paw-rameters — an invaluable heads-up that your pupperino may be experiencing pain or showing early warning signs of a health condition.  Early intel provided by Waggit can be provided to your vet, which may help them save your dog’s life and can save you thousands in vet bills.

And that’s just pawing at the surface. Waggit also provides data on your dog’s current location, a virtual fence feature that can alert you when your pooch leaves a designated area, and ambient temperature alerts.

And it’s fun, too! You’ll love their activity goals and tracking of exercise measures like distance, speed, intensity, and even calories burned, which you can compare to similar dogs as you shoot to the top of the Waggit app Leaderboard! There’s also a training feature which allows game-ified training for you and your pup. Waggit is promoting owner-doggo bonding in a whole new way.

Wag-Worthy Specs

The Waggit collar is also:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Accessible: view data any time on the iOS or Android apps
  • Convenient: with a battery life of up to seven days, you can save yourself a lot of charging downtime

In short, Waggit is a dog activity tracker — and so much more — that provides a pup-load of life-changing information about your furry companion’s health, activity levels, and location.

With a fantastic user interface and tons of cool features, Waggit promises to be man’s best friend’s…best friend. (You get the idea.)

Want to be the first dog lover on the block to get your paws on a Waggit collar? (Res rou do!) They’re offering Sidewalk Dog readers a limited time offer: Just $179 plus six months of FREE service. Use this link to get the special pre-order deal; delivery expected in May 2018. And sign up to receive news, updates, and special VIP pricing (Waggit starts at just $199):

waggit collar

Waggit collarThis post was brought to you by our pals at Waggit, who share our goal of making your dog’s life as happy, healthy, and safe as possible. Where has this sleek, fun, innovative product been all our lives?

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