The Boozy Dog Park We Never Knew We Needed

Seattle’s had an un-paw-recedented winter, but now that we’re able to escape the comfort of our couch cushions, how ’bout a brew in the warm confines of the great indoors with good hooman and canine company, and space to play? Drinks, doggos, and dog park all in one place. This is not a drill, people. I repeat, THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL. Voff Bark & Brew in Greenwood is a bar slash dog park so you can kill all your birds with one slobbery tennis ball rain or shine.

Voff Bark & Brew was “made for dogs by dog people” when it opened one year ago. Voff is dog-friendly indoors and out, and has more than 25 beers, wines, and ciders on tap daily. There’s no chow on the menu, but they encourage outside food, saving you a ton of bones. It’s also planning to screen outdoor movies once summer rolls around.

Speaking of summer, what’s better than a dog park? A dog park with a pool, duh! Voff brings out the big, outdoor bathtub every summer so your fluffball can cool off without slowing down.

Words to the wise: Voff is a bar, so you can’t bring your fur-less babies or anyone under 21 hooman years old. But don’t worry, puppers only need to be at least 4 months and wearing up-to-date vaccination tags.

Otherwise, the pooches rule the roost. They can lounge at your feet by the bar or on the heated patio, or explore the wrap-around, tree-bark-lined yard with their wet-nosed friends. There is a small fee for each dog to enter – $8, or $7 if you buy a drink – but Voff offers a saving package if you become a frequent visitor, which, let’s be honest, is bound to happen.

(Photo by Voff Bark & Brew)

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