Enter Sidewalk Dog + Aspen Grove’s Virtual Canine Costume Contest

This Howloween looks a little different, but we’ll still take any opp to dress our pups up and make our frens & fam tell us how cute our furbabes are. If your doggo also needs an audience of adoring fans (don’t they all), sniff out this contest we’re hosting with Aspen Grove.

Virtual Canine Costume Contest

Once you enter, pup’ll appear in the gallery below. Send all your friendos to this page so they can vote your pooch the cutest of them all.

Good luck, pups.

Looking for More Halloween Fun?

Check out the Sleepy Hollow Supper Party at Aspen Grove on Oct. 24. This family-friendly drive-in event includes a special reading by Town Hall Arts Center of Sleepy Hollow (enjoy from the comfort of your car), a Halloween costume contest (pets included), and an interactive light show.

Stay safe & have a ghoulish good time. Yappy Halloween!

Featured photo: Photoboyko

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