Urgent travel plans? Here’s how to choose a last minute dog sitter.

Dogs are great pets to have. They’re loyal and can warn you if there are potential intruders around. But when you have urgent travel plans, it can be difficult to find someone trustworthy to look after your furry friends. 

Thankfully, there are people who look after dogs for a small fee. But how do you find a reliable dog sitter who knows how to take care of your specific breed of dog? In this post, we’ve provided valuable tips on how to find the perfect dog sitter so you can have peace of mind when you’re traveling.  

Ask for Recommendations 

The best way to find dog sitters is to ask for recommendations from friends, family, and work colleagues. Ask people who’ve used dog sitters for their first-hand experiences and what insights they can give you. 

Your loved ones can walk you through the hiring process and recommend dog sitters they think would be perfect for your situation. Getting referrals from the people you know is also a quicker way to find dog sitters, which is helpful if you’re in a hurry to find a good candidate. 

Do Online Research 

If your loved ones don’t know anyone who can take care of your dogs, you can always look for candidates online. Various companies offer dog-sitting services. During your research, you can read reviews on dog sitters to find out what experiences customers have had. 

You may also find a dog sitter’s credentials and if they know various pet breeds. Additionally, you should choose a sitter who knows what to do in emergencies, especially for pets that have special needs. 

Interview All Your Chosen Candidates 

Make a list of all the dog sitters you’ve found either online or through recommendations. You should conduct interviews with each candidate to see what personality, qualifications, and experiences they have. 

During the interview, you can inquire about what knowledge the dog sitters have on health, safety, and canine behavior. You can then gauge their ability to handle various situations. You can also discuss your dogs’ daily routines and if the sitter can accommodate them. 

Doing interviews will also allow you to address any concerns you have about the dog sitter’s methods, qualifications, or reliability. It’s important to be open and honest, so you feel comfortable with your choice. 

Ask the Right Questions 

When you conduct interviews with your dog sitters, it’s important to ask the right questions so you can understand their methods. Here are some questions you should ask during your interview: 

  • Do you have certification related to dog care?
  • What kind of dogs have you worked with in the past?
  • Can you provide references from past clients? 
  • What other services do you offer as a dog sitter?
  • How do you handle behavioral issues in dogs? 
  • How do you communicate with pet owners when they’re away? 
  • Are you comfortable administering medication to dogs?

You should also establish what the dog sitter’s fees are to ensure you can afford the services. Make sure there are no hidden costs. 

Do Background Checks 

Before you decide on which dog sitter to hire, it’s important to do thorough background checks on each candidate. These checks will ensure that you’re hiring someone trustworthy. After all, they will be in your house while you’re away. 

For example, most people don’t know you can do a reverse phone lookup to get detailed information on people before even interviewing them for the job. This can help you spot any issues in their past and get a general sense of who you’re dealing with before inviting them inside your house. 

With a background check, you can see if the dog sitters have any criminal records. You can also check their social media accounts and who they’ve worked for previously. 

See How Your Dog Reacts to Each Candidate 

During the hiring process, you should see how your dogs react to each candidate that you interview. Dogs are often a good judge of character and can sense when someone isn’t being authentic. It’s also important that your dogs get along with your dog sitter. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you’ve completed all your tasks and you’re happy with the data you’ve collected during your interviews, it’s time to choose your dog sitter. Pick the candidate who has the highest level of experience and knowledge about dogs and how to handle emergencies. 

Allow the dog sitter to visit you before you leave for your trip to see how they operate on a day-to-day basis. If you’re happy with your choice, you can start making arrangements to go on your trip. 

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