Sniff Out Unleashed Hounds and Hops Indoor Dog Park

Dogs and humans everywhere ruv going to Unleashed Hounds and Hops in Minneapolis. An indoor dog park where the dog mom and dad can have a drink? Sounds like bliss, especially during snowy (7+ months of the heckin year) or rainy days. From its crowdfunding to opening day, Sidewalk Dog spilled the kibble on all the dog-friendly deets. Sniff ’em out below.

Visiting Unleashed Hounds and Hops

Check their website for all the latest, but the current hours are:

  • Wed-Fri 4-9 p.m.
  • Sat 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Sun 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Purchase a daily pass for $5.99, 5-visit punchcard for $33.99, or annual membership for $249.99. Pups mutts be registered through their website and pup-to-date on vaccinations to go. And yes, there’s an area for your smol fries.

Unleashed Hounds and Hops Menu

In addition to cans of domestic, Unleashed carries local brew on draft, wine, and NA bevvies. They serve American-style brunch on weekends, with classics like French toast and bacon, egg, and cheese sammies. The regular menu is a mix of apps, hot dogs, and sammies (including vegan brats and a veggie burger).

The Tale of Unleashed Indoor Dog Park

We pupdated this article to chronicle the beginning to end story of this indoor dog park.

January 30, 2020 update:

Dogs all over town have wagged their tails in anticipation long enough: it’s opening day! Sniff out these pics of the place lookin’ all shiny and new:

January 10 update:

On track to open within the next 30 days, construction’s in full swing on this mastiff park/resto dream! We took a look at what’s puppin’ inside 200 East Lyndale Ave. N. (above). The bar is in and the paint is on! This viewing area will also feature the Official Unofficial World’s Largest Dog Viewing Window. Nobody’s gonna be watching the TVs with this entertainment on paw.

Behind the bar, there’ll be delish eats and a rotating selection of wines, brews, and N/A options, including Surly, Summit, and Hairless Dog. No pups in this section due to the food options, but if you want to grab a bite while your dog’s playing his heart out, you can either tell a “ruff-eree” staff member to keep an eye, or leash ’em up to the “hitching post” – a series of open stalls near the entrance. Once you’ve got your food, post up at one of the dog park’s bar top tables to chow down alongside your #1 (as long as you share some with him. And probably five of his closest frens).

Doggos won’t sniff your snaqq too long cuz they’ll wanna bound over to that dog jungly gym at the back of the park. No pics yet but we hear it’ll be a custom-designed wonder. And when your goober’s gotta go, a potty area’s just outside (door on the left in the photo above). There’s also a cleaning station to keep paws extra fresh:

November 25 update:

Puptractor Argo says it’s official: construction has begun and a February 2020 open date has been targeted.

A sniff inside confirms the blueprints (and our wintertime dreams) are taking shape:

The Indiegogo campaign also raised a dog hair under $50K, so we’re guessing park puppos’ll have the ability to agility on the reg. Keep scrollin’ for the blueprints.

August 26 update:

Unleashed Hounds & Hops reached its crowdfunding goal in less than four hours, doubled it in three days, and has now unveiled stretch goals in its Indiegogo campaign (now closed) to make the place puppin’ POPPIN’. Our fave: if they reach $50,000, they’ll be able to get agility equipment galore to make our dogs’ zoomies fancier than ever.

There are also new rewards for backers. Here’s the quick sniff:

August 19 update:

The masterminds behind this place have kicked off a crowdfunding campaign, with perks for backers that include your dogger on a Wall of Fame, a private puppy party (oh my dog the softs), and for the ultimutt chow hound, a menu item named after your dog.

August 14 update:

Take a look at these corgi-ous renderings.

It’s not called Unleashed for nothin’. Walk into the main entrance and this dog park view’s gonna be the first thing you and your woofer see (cue maximum excitement). There’s a small-dog area on the right and the main park on the left and beyond for dogs of all sizes to tail up and party down at full speed, whether your pupper’s a turtle or a hare. Unleashed will also have “expertly trained rufferees” in the park to make sure everypawdy’s playing nice.

Next, let’s journey over to that wall-size window on the left:

The bar has its own separate entrance, and looks out onto the dog park so you can keep an eye on your pooch’s im-paw-ressive gymnastics while you woof about that dog life with the human next to you. There’ll be dozens of local, craft brews on tap, delish eats, and of course the best kind of people: dog people.

August 2:

Doggos, you’re gonna wanna sit down for this one.

The first blueprints and photos of Unleashed Hounds & Hops have been released, and we’re the first to get our paws on ‘em. This family-run restaurant slash bar slash indoor/outdoor dog park is slated to open this winter at East Lyndale Avenue, right next to the Minneapolis Farmers Market. (It’ll share a wall with the flower shop.) When it does, it’ll make dog-friendly history in Minnesota.

The bar entry will be right next to the Farmers Market Annex (fetch a bouquet on your way out):

Now let’s take a look inside:

Indoors, the spacious dog run will have a separate area just for smol doggos (sry big bois). There’ll also be a ginormous window between the dining and dog run areas for humans to watch the puppers at play, just as parents watch their kiddos at swimming or gymnastics, except with your favorite child.

We’ll be unveiling blueprints for the transformed outdoor space soon but we’re already drooling over that skyline view.

To help bring this tail-wagging dream to life, Unleashed Hounds & Hops will launch a crowdfunding campaign on August 20. Different donation levels could land your pooch on the Dog Tag Wall of Fame, or even secure his legacy as the name of a menu item. (Finally, some recognition! It’s about time someone gave him some attention for a change).

And don’t get your leashes in a knot, good boys and girls. Unleashed will be sharing details with us first as they’re finalized, so stay tuned to Sidewalk Dog fur the latest dogvelopments.

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