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Our dogs make our lives richer and more fulfilling. As we care for and grow more attached to our furry best friends, we begin to ponder how long our blissful time with them will last. Our memories may last forever, but sadly, our time with them is limited. 

Longevity is determined by a variety of factors which range from genetics to lifestyle. As Jerry Klein, the chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club states “Wellness is extremely important for a quality, longer life.” 

He goes on to explain the importance of a high-quality diet, regular physical activity, and sufficient mental stimulation for a dog’s long and healthy life. Further, he stresses the value of annual or semi-annual veterinary visits and wellness checks to ensure your pooch is having the best quality of life they can.

Having said that, and making sure we take care of all the variables that are under our responsibility, which dog breeds will accompany us the longest?

To lift some weight off a grim subject, we came up with a list of long-living breeds ranked by what makes them unique.  

Australian Cattle Dog: Longest Living Dog Who Moves Cattle

This beautiful medium-sized breed is active and highly intelligent. They were originally bred to withstand the demanding conditions of the Australian Outback as they worked as loyal sidekicks to cattlemen. They require plenty of exercise and thrive with mental stimulation, as they’re regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They’ll dutifully stand by your side from 12 to 16 years.

Curious fact: As per The Guinness Book of World Records an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey was until recently the oldest living dog, having lived 29 years and 5 months. His record was beaten by 31-year-old Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo, a Portuguese cattle dog.  

Jack Russel Terrier: Longest Living Dog Who Will Catch a Frisbee

These adorable, inquisitive, and playful little guys are perfect pets for active people who love playing frisbee. They were bred to accompany British huntsmen, and this made them fast and alert runners. They’re also very intelligent and curious, and they require plenty of playtime. They get along well with other pets but should never be left alone with smaller pets as their hunting instinct may kick in. 

They’ll restlessly stand with you for 13-15 years.

Schipperke: Longest Living Rat-Catching Dog

The Schipperke is a breed of dog that is energetic, playful, and loves racing. They’re small and furry, and the shape of their head slightly resembles a fox. They’re popularly nicknamed “Little Black Devil” due to their sometimes mischievous nature. Make sure they receive adequate training and plenty of exercise to burn off excess energy. 

They’ll excitedly play with you from 13 to 15 years.

Chihuahua: Longest Living Dog Who Occupies The Smallest Space

Chihuahuas are among the most practical dog breeds to have if you live in the city. Their small size is inversely proportional to their intelligence, being regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They’ve got pointy ears and are ridiculously small and cute.  

They’ll be an adorable addition to your life for 13 to 20 years.

Lhasa Apso: Longest Living Dog With The Longest Hair

The Lhasa Apso is a gorgeous breed that has beautiful long hair. They’re small dogs that were once the pooches of the Himalayas. Their intelligence makes them somewhat complex and comical to their family members. Their coat is flat and almost reaches the floor with a cute split in the middle, dropping to each side.

They will fashionably live by you from 12 to 14 years.


If longevity is an important factor in choosing your next canine companion, it’s important to do your research. There are several other breeds known to live long lives, and each has their own unique qualities to share. Of course there are no guarantees, all we can do is love and care for our pets as best we can, and hope they accompany us for many years. The bond we share with our dogs is endless. A dog’s physical time may be limited, but the impact they have on our lives will stay with us forever.

  1. Jack Rassel is a funny one! I love this breed so much. Some friends of mine have it and say that their dogs are the sweetest. I am always kinda worried about how long my dog will live, he is so important for me and I love him so much. All dogs are cool, but it is so wonderful to last the moments with them longer. I can not imagine losing mine now.. He became a part of my family, everyone loves him with their hearts because he is good to others. If you have a dog, please – appreciate the moments you spend with him and keep him in memory.

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