These Are the Most Unique Dog Training Classes in the Twin Cities

Dock diving, barn hunts, new hooman baby prep: these aren’t your puppy’s basic obedience class. We asked for cool and quirky training recommendations in our pup-lovin’ Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook group and weren’t disappointed. Here are some of our top picks to help your woofer level up:

Canine Coach

Paws Abilities Dog Training

  • Happy Feet This class will make nail trimming easier for you, your vet, AND your pup by teaching strategies to make Fido a little more comfortable and cooperative with the whole process.
  • Beginning Disc Dog 101 Dogs and frisbees are a match made in heaven, and this class teaches you and your dog to play a competition style of toss and fetch.

The Paw Pet Resort

  • Introduction to Nosework For super sniffers who wanna take their scent game to the next level. (They also have a weekly swim party known as Surf n’ Turf — steak and lobster tails not included, but you will have a pawful lot of fun.)

Big Leap of Faith

  • Young Dog, Old Dog, Trick Dog! Teach your pup of any age some new tricks, including roll over, find it, circle, paws up, and more.
  • Canine Freestyle! Groovin with Your Dog Freestyle is a newer doggo sport that combines tricks, music, and dancing! No dance experience, no paw-blem. Your doggo will be weaving, spinning, bowing, and more in no time.
  • Dogalates! Core & Strength This one’s a workout for you and your pooch that strengthens your bods and your balance. Plus let’s be honest, dogalates is just fun to say.

For the Love of Dogs

  • Intro to Dock Diving Just in time to show off your BFF’s beach bod, this offers pool and dock-jumping lessons in conjunction with The Dog Tank.
  • Barn Hunt Did you know dogs have as many as 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about 6 million in humans? Your pup will ruv the challenge of finding a rat while playing on a course of hay bales. The rats are hidden in safe tubes in the straw and it is up to your dog to sniff ’em out.

Have you and your pup taken any of these classes? Are there any great ones we missed? Let us know in the comments and tag pics of your training experiences with #SidewalkDog on Instagram!

(Photo by Murilo Viviani)

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