These Are the Most Unique Dog Training Classes in the Twin Cities

Dog training classes serve noble purposes in your dog’s life: they can help wilder pups learn about boundaries, give reactive dogs the confidence they need to spend time out in the world, and set a firm foundation for the development of discipline in puppies. The classes can be seen as necessary to set dogs up for success, and these courses take things even further: they’ll make things fun for you, too.

We asked for class recommendations on our pup-lovin’ Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook page, and these are some of the top picks:

Canine Coach

High Spirits Dog Training

  • Adventure Dog Classes These classes will bring you and your dog on adventures around the Twin Cities to build real-world confidence!

Paws Abilities Dog Training

  • Happy Feet This class will make nail trimming easier for you, your vet, AND your pup by teaching strategies to make Fido a little more comfortable and cooperative with the whole process.
  • Canine Neurobics This is an extra-unique one. This class will expose your pup to a variety of sensory experiences (we’re talkin’ tactile, visual, olfactory…you get the idea) and memory challenges!

A New Leash Minneapolis

The Paw Pet Resort

  • Swimming and Dock-Diving Lessons. Just in time to show off your BFF’s beach bod, this spot in the Mankato area offers swimming and dock-jumping lessons! (They also have a weekly swim party known as Surf n’ Turf — steak and lobster tails not included, but you will have a pawful lot of fun.)

Have you and your pup taken any of these classes? Are there any great ones we missed? Let us know in the comments and tag pics of your training experiences with #SidewalkDog on Instagram!

2 thoughts on “These Are the Most Unique Dog Training Classes in the Twin Cities

  1. Gayle Hunter

    For The Love of Dogs Training School offers classes in Nosework (including preparation for NACSW and K9 ABC Games competition), Dog Ball (part of Wag-It Games), NADD Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Tracking and Tricks (you can earn AKC Tricks titles through testing with our instructor). click on Classes to see what each of these entail, and what might be a good fit for you and your canine companion.

  2. Amy

    We finished the Impulse Control class at K9 Coach a few weeks ago and it was spectacular! By the end of the class our 8 month old super social doodle was able to enter the room, and lay comfortably at our feet until class began.


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