Exclusive Preview: Underdog Park, the Indoor Dog Park + All the Things We’ve Always Wanted

Just when we thought we were lucky as pup to have ONE indoor dog park coming to the Minneapple, we’ve got a second: Underdog Park in southeast Minneapolis. Opening this fall, it’s gonna be 20,000+ square feet of doggo oasis, making it Minnesota’s largest indoor dog park and boy oh boy are we drooling over ALLLLL the amenities this place has to offer:

  • A designated dog park area for smol woofers (cute)
  • A restaurant (featuring pug–er, pub fare and Italian cuisine like pizza and grinders)
  • An outdoor patio (sun!)
  • An in-house doggy daycare (because your dog’s gonna wanna stay longer)
  • Full-service grooming (for doggy date nights)
  • Self-wash stations (DIY fancy)
  • Space for a taproom coming soon (featuring local beers)
  • Space for an onsite vet (woof to the vets: snap this the pup up)

And for all you displaced Rosedale Center walkers, word on the sidewalk is there’ll be an indoor walking trail. Get your pedometers ready. This winter’s gonna be fit.

Stay tuned: We’ll share blueprints for the space, crowdfunding info, and other deets just as soon as we can get out paws on ‘em!

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(Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels)

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