Have a Ball at These Twin Cities Dog Party Venues

Getting ready to throw a dog birthday party in the Twin Cities? Awesome! We’ll keep an eye out for the invite! But seriously folks, it’s great that you’re giving your canine the love and attention they deserve on their special day. Now, sure, your home would probably suffice as a party venue, but maybe you don’t have the space—or you just don’t want a bunch of mutts running around. Luckily, there are also some grrreat dog party venues to reserve or rent for a dog birthday. 

Before you get started, we’ve got a whole list of dog birthday party ideas right here. Also, you should probably sniff out our Twin Cities dog bakeries article so you know where to order your pupcakes and birthday bones. Now, onto those Twin Cities dog party venues.

Dog Day Getaway — Apple Valley

This doggy paradise has a rentable event room for your pup party paw-leasure. It’s got more than 800 square feet of private space, making Dog Day Getaway perfect for an off-leash kind of affair. This spot also has its own private entrance, private (hooman) bathroom, and easy access to an outdoor area for canine potty breaks. There’s even a webcam so your friends and family can join virtually if they can’t be there in person.

Lakes & Legends — Minneapolis

If you and your dog enjoy spending time together at a dog-friendly brewery, then this venue is perfect for you. Lakes & Legends was Minnesota’s first brewery to be dog-friendly indoors, and its staff is ready to accommodate your next dog-friendly event. Please note that dogs need to be on non-retractable leashes, are not allowed on furniture, and must be social and well-adjusted! Check out our taproom etiquette guide to make sure doggo’s manners are on point.

Unleashed Hounds & Hops — Minneapolis

The Twin Cities’ first indoor/outdoor dog park/restaurant is a party location pick that’ll please people as much as their pups. Where else can you sip a Castle Danger Cream Ale and enjoy a brat from Kramarczuk’s while the dogs have an absolute off-leash blast? We rest our case.

Urban Hound Playground — Minneapolis

Bring your four-legged friend to Urban Hound on their birthday, and they’ll throw the whole dang party for you. Decorations, doggy guests—they’ve got the party sitch covered. Note: This is a part of their daycare services so you won’t be able to stage mom it up. It’s more for the pup who’s too cool to party with his pawrents.

Throwing a Less Formal Shin-dig?

You don’t necessarily need to book a venue to throw your dog a birthday party. Fortunately for all of us, the Twin Cities is chock-full of beautiful dog parks. The upside to this is that the cost is free, you can be outside, the dogs can be off-leash, and even more furry friends might join your party. The downside is that you need to be proactive to make sure each guest knows the licensing and permitting rules.

You can also try a human park with room to stretch out, like Beard’s Plaisance (which has a picnic-perfect gazebo) or Powderhorn Park. It just means more vigilance on the leash front! You can even just plan a pack walk on a trail or around a lake. Here are some of our fave MN hikes for the rugged doggos.

Know any other Twin Cities dog party venues? Woof at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Ayla Verschueren

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