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Is floof getting tired of sniffin’ the same fire hydrants and dog butts on your block? Has she been woofin’ “Are there any grrreat dog parks near me?” Luckily for her, the answer to that last question is: pup yeah! Time to grab your leash and get ready to enjoy some quality time at some of our fave parks. Whether your dog is a slow stroller or a fast tracker, these Twin Cities dog parks are sure to fit any pup personality.

Minneapolis Dog Parks

1. Lake of the Isles Off-Leash Dog Park 

If you’re looking for a furbulous place to bring your pup in Minneapolis, Lake of the Isles is a must try. Their off-leash oasis is fully fenced and comes equipped with night lights for those after-dark adventures with your pooch. Oh, and it has an area specially designated for smol fries.

2. Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park

Does your pup love to run, play, AND swim? Then give her a taste of sweet, sweet off-leash freedom at Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park. Enjoy the view of Minnehaha Falls while your pup enjoys the company and the water. 

P.S. Wanna make a day of it? Check out our Minnehaha neighborhood guide.

3. Loring Park Off-Leash Recreation Area

Located in historic Loring Park, this play area might be a bit compact, but your bud’s bound to ruv it! It’s a uniquely designed space with small boulders, gravel, and grass. And because it’s in Loring Park, it’s also surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and other city delights. 

Saint Paul Dog Parks

1. Arlington/Arkwright Off-Leash Dog Park 

If pup wants to sniff out some new St. Paul pals, Arlington/Arkwright is the spot. The ground is covered in wood chips—making it extra easy to clean up after your pooch—and you can set up shop at the picnic tables while Fido takes to the woods with his new frens.

2. Lowertown Dog Park 

Calling all baseball-loving dog pawrents! Lowertown Dog Park has great views of CHS Field and is perfect for a chill afternoon of watching your pup get some exercise (and catching a Saints game if you’re lucky). Just make sure your buddy doesn’t try any funny business when he sees balls flying around on the baseball field.

4. High Bridge Dog Park

High Bridge Dog Park is a 7-acre, former coal power plant site that was given to the city for operation as a dog park following some major clean-up in May 2012. Today it’s a blast and a half to visit with the floof. It’s a wide-open park with great views and so many furry frens to meet. They even have a seperate section for smol sweetie pies. 

5. Lilydale Regional Park

Woofhoo! There’s a brand new park on the block to bark about. Lilydale Regional Park features 8.5 acres of fully-fenced, off-leash woofer wonderland, with a 3/4-acre area designated for smol fries (obvi can’t forget about our tiny friends). Woof to the wise—park at the boat launch parking lot if you are arriving by car. 

Twin Cities Suburbs Dog Parks

1. Alimagnet Dog Park – Burnsville 

Did someone say “total package?” Well if they were talking about this dog park (and a Bulldog with a 401K), they were right. We’re talkin’ fully fenced, places for swimming, a heated shelter, and even night lights so the fun never has to stop.

2. Aquatore Dog Park – Blaine

From summer to winter, Aquatore has everything you need to have a blast with your furry pal. With a heated shelter, big play area, and tons of pups, this park is one of the best for year-round excitement. One pup parent even raved, “This dog park is the bomb!” Prob time to go see what all the fluff is about.

3. Van Valkenburg Off-Leash Dog Park – Edina

Are you looking for the best dog park for your smaller pup? Look no fur-ther than Van Valkenburg Park in Edina. They have a great area for small dogs to run and play, along with lots of seating options for the tired dog moms and dads. 

4. Bloomington Off-Leash Dog Park – Bloomington

So your pupper is a dog AND a night owl? No pawblem. Bloomington Off-Leash Dog Park is the place to be for partyin’ all day and rock ‘n rollin’ all night. This park features great outdoor night lighting, a swimming area, and fences all the way around. 

For more, sniff out our Directory of Twin Cities Dog Parks, where you can find plenty of local, off-leash dog parks with helpful reviews and photos.

Etiquette and Fun at Twin Cities Dog Parks

To ensure a tail-wagging good time for all, safety should be your number one priority at dog parks. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for your next trip to one of our bitchin’ parks.

Quick Tips for Off-Leash Success at the Dog Park:

  • Always follow the posted park rules 
  • Don’t forget the necessities (poop bags, water, etc.) 
  • Be an attentive owner/never leave your pup unattended
  • Don’t forget to clean up after Fido’s messes
  • Leave toys at home so your pup doesn’t get possessive 
  • Find out if your dog park requires a license

For more ways to ensure you’ll have the best time ever, check out our Dog Park Etiquette guide.

Did we miss any of your fave dog parks or hidden gems? Howl at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog on Insta so we can live vicariously through your adorbs adventures!

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