Twin Cities Dog-Friendly Liquor Stores for the Thirsty Pup

It’s been a long WFH day for pupper and she’s ready to get outta the house. Don’t fret if the liquor store is on your to-doo list…Minnesota is home to plenty of Twin Cities dog-friendly liquor stores. Any place that’s got booze AND allows our furry best frens is a real gem in our book. If your bar cart is starting to look a little bare and pup’s thirsty, hit up these dog-friendly liquor stores near you!

Dog-Friendly Minneapolis Liquor Stores

Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop

This isn’t so much a liquor store as much as it’s a Northeast Minneapolis destination! Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese Shop has a srsly impressive array of wine, spirits, and beer. There’s also an award-winning, dangerously delicious cheese shop next door that you won’t wanna miss, but unfortunately pup has to due to Minneapolis regulations. Not to worry tho, there’s enough bevvies to keep your bud busy as you plan your next wine-tasting (or you know, binge-watching with pup on the couch). 

South Lyndale Liquors

South Lyndale Liquors store ticks off all the boxes with their stellar selection of world-class wine, fine spirits, and specialty beers. Best of all, this pro-pup liquor store stole our hearts with the pupper in their logo. Let floof come with to browse their aisles or stay home and check out their rapid pickup and home delivery options online.

Total Wine & More

Need a little retail therapy? Sniff no further than Total Wine & More. You could pawsitively get lost in this massive liquor store. As the name implies, you’ll get your daily step count in walking through the wine aisles alone, but don’t sleep on their liquor and beer options too! We recommend grabbing a few different local and seasonal brews to make your own Friday night flight at home. Don’t forget to toss pupper a t-r-e-a-t at the checkout!

Lowry Hill Liquors 

Time to leash up your boozehound and head into Lowry Hill Liquors. The folks at Lowry Hill are all about keeping things personal—from remembering your first name to getting to know the makers of the products they stock—they know their stuff! Plus their pup-loving team is prepared to give floof plenty of pats. Check out their website to dig up some virtual coupons before your trip.

Dog-Friendly St. Paul Liquor Stores

1st Grand Avenue Liquors

Known for their premier selection of wine, beer, and liquor, 1st Grand Avenue Liquors could truly be pup’s go-to spot. They offer curbside pickup for couch doggos, frequent tasting events for the curious canine, and off-street parking on Grand Ave. What more could a woof want?

Thomas Liquors

Just like your rover, the owner of Thomas Liquors, Mike Thomas, is always on the hunt for the perfect bottle of vino. This third-generation family business is committed to their products and community alike. Their ongoing wine case sale is just the bone on top!

Sharrett’s Liquors

You can lift pup’s spirits at this St. Paul liquor store. The floof-loving crew at Sharrett’s Liquors prides themselves on providing top-dog service. Whether you’re looking to try something different, learn about local brews, need to sniff out a gift, or can’t remember the name of the wine you loved last weekend, Sharrett’s can lend a paw.

Midway Liquor

This quaint but mighty store is located right on bustlin’ University Ave. Pounce into Midway Liquor with Fido to stock up for all your alco-howl needs. Time to get all paws on deck for this yappy hour!

Where is pup’s favorite liquor store to sniff out? Bark at us in the comments or check out our Twin Cities dog-friendly directory for more furry-friendly spots!

Featured photo: @jonesandchapman

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