Drool Over Twin Cities Donuts On These 6 Dog-Friendly Patios

Picture this—it’s a weekend morning. You’re out for a walk with your woofer and the craving for something sweet strikes. There’s only one thing that’ll do and you gotta have it: a donut. There are obvi dozens of options in the Twin Cities, but what about pup? She’s beggin’ to stay out on the town with you. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up a list of grrreat Twin Cities dog-friendly donut shop patios for pup-toting peeps.

Before we jump into it, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost, furry friends are not allowed inside Minneapolis and St. Paul donut joints. It’s rare that donut spots have table service, so it’s prob not a bad idea to bring a human friend along so doggo doesn’t have to go it alone outside while you order.
  • Second, not all of these shops have water bowls, so BYOW as needed.
  • Lastly, get your paws on our Patio Leash™ to keep buddy close while you’re satisfying your cravings.

1. Glam Doll Donuts, Northeast Minneapolis and Eat Street

Glam Doll serves up funky flavor combos in a hip environment, adding plenty of passion and ‘tude to their already delish donuts. Unique offerings include the Showgirl, a raised donut with maple icing and bacon, and the Outlaw, a cherry cheesecake filled donut. Regardless of whether or not your goodest girl is glam, this stop on your donut journey will make both of you feel like stars.
Floof-friendly extra: Both locations both have dog-friendly patios, and water is available by request. 

2. Hi-Lo Diner, Minneapolis

This Lake Street fave serves up what they call “Hi-Tops” all day long (think a donut base with a bunch of yummy stuff on top).  Hi-Lo Diner will be quick to remind you that these tasty treats are not technically donuts, but the fab fried dough will certainly make your tail wag with both sweet and savory applications. Their dog-friendly patio, which has table service, is open daily.
Fur-iffic bonus: Plenty of water bowls to go around!

3. Mel-O-Glaze Bakery, Minneapolis

Known for their mastery of glazed donut holes in the form of what they call “Legal Crack Balls,” Mel-O-Glaze pairs great eats with a laid-back, dog-friendly environment. Local favorites have been known to sell out quickly, so be sure to leash pup and get there early!
Tail-wagging tip: They have dog-friendly outdoor seating that’s set up sporadically. Don’t see a table? Don’t fret! A Lake Nokomis park bench is just a short trot away.

4. Bogart’s Doughnut Co., Minneapolis

This simple shop offers fresh takes on donuts made from brioche dough in addition to traditional cake doughnuts in a pupular Uptown location. Bogart’s is particularly well-known for their Nutella-filled brioche donuts. Outdoor seating is available, but a bit limited, so scamper over there early!
Puppy-pampering plus: This Minneapolis donut shop has treats and water bowls.

5. Cupcake, Eagan

We know this place, as the name implies, is best known for their cupcakes. But Cupcake also offers quality takes on classic donuts every day, and even has its own version of the fabled “cronut”—a croissant-donut hybrid.
Floppy-eared feature: Cupcake is attached to The Mason Jar, and they share a cute, dog-friendly patio with table service.

6. Mojo Monkey Donuts, St. Paul

Calling all early risin’ rovers—get here first thing for quality, fresh donuts made from exclusive Mojo Monkey Donuts recipes. This dog-friendly St. Paul patio is open every weekend until they sell out, so beat the rush to make sure you can get your paws on your fave flavors! Make a complete morning of it by stopping by dog-friendly Leitner’s Garden Center to shop for beautiful flowers, house plants, and floral arrangements. 

Did we miss any of your go-to Twin Cities donut spots? Give us a bark in the comments or on social media—just don’t furget to tag @SidewalkDog in all your drool-worthy selfies so we can live vicariously.

Featured photo: Jaromír Chalabala

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