24 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Minneapolis-St. Paul

No need to leave your pal home on the couch—these Twin Cities and suburban breweries are so dog-friendly indoors and out, your buddy just mutt end up a regular! Just be sure to remind your pup that if she wants to party like people, she’ll have to be on her best behavior.

Read on to find out more about the best dog-friendly breweries near you and get ready to make some memories!

Note: Breweries marked with * below are on our 2023-2024 Dog-Friendly Brewery Passes, on sale now! Call ahead to confirm your reservation and dog-friendly deets. 

Minneapolis Breweries That Allow Dogs Inside

Whether you are looking for a place to play games, jam out to some music, enjoy the company of your friends and family, oh yeah and get the best beer in the city—these dog-friendly Minneapolis breweries are sure to be the pawfect spots to try with your furry pal! 

Here is a list of some of the top-rated dog-friendly breweries in Minneapolis that both you and your pup will love!

1. Lakes & Legends Brewing Company

Lakes & Legends makes farm-to-table beer from high-end ingredients that often spotlight it’s farming partners. Pooch wants some grub? Food trucks Burrito Mercado, Gastropub, and Northbound Smoke House are ready to cater to your dog’s discerning palate. 

2. Inbound BrewCo

Inbound is a dog-friendly haven. Case in point: its Doggy Station offers treats, water bowls, and yoga mats for pups who are bothered by cold floors. You won’t starve, either. Inbound hosts a local Minnesota food truck every day. Common trucks include Outlaw Grill, Market BBQ, and O’Cheeze.

3. Sisyphus Brewing

Board games and pinball make Sisyphus a fun, casual hang with great beer to boot. The dog-loving staff serve woofers water bowls and treats with a side of compliments. The taproom also raises bones for No Dog Left Behind on the reg.

4. HeadFlyer Brewing*

This Northeast brewery and taproom is the perfect place to sip an American craft beer with friends and fam. Woofers can always find free Milk-Bone treats behind the bar, Rolling Rover Bistro treats for sale, and anti-spill water bowls.

5. 56 Brewing

Dog won’t stop whining for locally-sourced ingredients? We get it. With a core lineup of bold and seasonal craft beers and a focus on fresh, regional additions, this pet-friendly brewery offers plenty of goodies for both you and Fido.

puppy with head on restauarant table
Just put it on my tab pawlease. | Modist Brewing Co.

6. Modist Brewing Co. 

Looking to explore a new style of brewing? Modist offers a new method of craft brewing that uses less water and energy! They’re saving the rest of that H2O for your pup in their dog-friendly taproom. 

7.  Venn Brewing

The award-winning beer’s for serious here. Dogs can rep Venn with branded bandanas from the shop, and resident Corgi DeVito’s on paw to photobomb your every selfie. Venn is also across the street from the Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park aka doggy nirvana.

8. Insight Brewing

Every brewery patron is looking for a killer brew, and if that’s you, then Insight should be on your radar! Their crafts come highly recommended by locals and what’s even better? They are proudly pet friendly. Bring your furry friend in to meet the staff and soak up the head scratches. 

9. Broken Clock Brewing*

As a community-owned and operated co-op, Broken Clock’s pack loves empowering people and fostering community collabs (pup yeah). There’s good beer, humans and, awesome merch for pups. This is a prime spot for catching a game, and popular with cyclists. (Here are 5 ways to bike with your dog.)

10. Bauhaus Brew Labs*

With bags, board games, food trucks, live music, stand-up comedy performances, and unbelievably good beer, there’s plenty for you and your dog to love. This Great Dane-sized taproom has plenty of space between tables for pooches to stretch out and chill.

11. Sociable Cider Werks

Brews made from fresh-pressed apples with fruits, grains, hops, and spices for drinks you can’t stop discussing. In addition to cider, they also have craft beer and mead on tap. Your pooch will have so many new friends to ‘socialize’ with! 

12. Wild Mind Ales

Wild Mind Ales aims to deliver funky, wild beers to the South Minneapolis neighborhood. With trivia nights, game day specials, and their own onsite food truck, we think your brewski bud will approve.

St. Paul Breweries That Allow Dogs Inside

Your pup’ll love the atmosphere and you’ll definitely love the beer at these taprooms located in St. Paul. From dog-friendly events to local music, you and your furry friend’ll quickly be making these dog-friendly breweries your new favorite hangout spots!

yellow lab pup at a brewery patio
Sun’s out, tongue’s out. | Bad Weather Brewing Co.

13. Bad Weather Brewing*

Head to Bad Weather if you are looking for friendly staff, good vibes, and beer that is taking St. Paul by STORM. Grab your pup and hit their pet-friendly patio and taproom for a fun time you won’t forget! Note: Dogs are welcome in the event space, but not the main taproom. Call ahead to ensure the event space isn’t reserved. 

14. Lake Monster Brewing

Lake Monster’s a fave with the woofers thanks to its spacious floor plan and friendly staff. It was founded by three MN natives with a passion for great beer who are constantly inventing unique versions of classic beer styles. 

More Pup-Loving Breweries near Minneapolis-St.Paul! 

Looking to get out of the city? Check out this list of breweries that will wag your tails off. From Roseville to Maple Grove, you’ll always find good times, good brews, and good dogs! 

15. Bent Brewstillery*

Heading to Roseville? There are local bevvies and food trucks for peeps, and water dishes and treats for pups, along with the occasional Pupper Ale and a lineup of dog-friendly events. No wonder one customer raved: “SO FUN super dog-friendly.” 

16. Shakopee Brewhall*

If you are in the Shakopee area, you have to make a stop at the Shakopee Brewhall, and make sure to bring your fur pal! This meticulously made vintage taproom in Shakopee’s historic district will make you and Fido feel like time travelers. 

dog at booth in taproom
It’s been a ruff week. | Back Channel Brewing Co.

17. Back Channel Brewing

After *yet another* ruff week in Minnetonka, where the h*ck can a good girl get a dang Dog Brew in this town? Knock a few back at Back Channel, where your pupper can enjoy craft dog “beer” made with pumpkin broth and organic veggies. 

18. Boom Island Brewing

Boom Island just moved to the ‘burbs from its former Minneapolis digs and landed on Lake Minnetonka. It’s known for its wide selection of Belgian beers and allows well-mannered pups to roam off-leash.

19. Lupulin Brewing*

This family-owned craft brewery, located in Minnetonka, is dedicated to making unique beers, and the super-friendly staff and fun atmosphere make it an ideal place for you and your pooch to unwind. Pup needs a potty break? A nice, green space is just across from the patio.

20. Forgotten Star Brewing Co. 

“Friendly Fridley, MN” extends to pups at this roomy taproom. There are water bowls ‘n treatos for all the good dogs, taps and food trucks for good humans, and plenty of places to sit ‘n stay a while.

21. Wicked Wort Brewing Company*

Looking for a new place to spend some quality time with your pup? Hit up Wicked Wort Brewing Co. in Robbinsdale to check out this dog-welcoming establishment. Food, games, and music will have you both howling from the rooftops. 

22. OMNI Brewing Company*

When you’re in Maple Grove, you don’t ever miss out on exploring your beer passions. OMNI is yet another inviting place for you and Fido to check out new brews and have some fun!

23. Unmapped Brewing

Exploring unmapped places is great for adventure pups, but how about exploring Unmapped Brewing in Minnetonka instead. What you’ll find is a two-fur… the brewery on one side of the wall, and Base Camp Coffee on the other. We’ll toast a coffee stout to that!

24. Luce Line Brewing

If pizza and beer is your combo, Luce Line Brewing is where you wanna go. Their patio is super spacious, and pup’ll love the cozy heaters and fire pits on cooler days. Dogs are allowed inside with limited seating, so give them a woof before a winter visit.

Find additional breweries with dog-friendly patios (sorry pups, some only allow furry fren outdoors) on our Minneapolis-St. Paul directory.

Where do you and your bud like to throw back a few brews? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog in all your dog-friendly brewery fun!

Featured photo: Bauhaus Brew Labs

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