Score This New Protein-Packed Kibble for Your Swole Dog

This post was brought to you in partnership with our pals at NutriSource. They’ve been producing healthy pet foods sourced with care since 1964, so you know it’s good. 

Does your dog even lift, bro? Active dogs everywhere have been droolin’ since they heard NutriSource was coming out with a protein-packed new food line. Now that the Element Series is in production and hitting an independent retailer near you this April, we’re offering a chance for four lucky doggos to get the first taste! Read your pup the rest of this article to get her tail thumpin’ with excitement, then enter to win a 24-lb bag, plus poodles of treatos ($100 value).  

Quick Sniff on NutriSource Element

Available in the following four recipes, each formula comes with at least 83% animal protein in every bowl. 

  • Outback Trails: lamb, kangaroo, and wild boar blend (fire up the barby, m8)
  • Open Waters: haddock, trout, and duck blend
  • Wildlands: chicken, pork, and bison blend
  • Coastal Plains: turkey, salmon, and whitefish blend

The high-protein diet will not only satisfy your dog’s appetite, but provides his body with advanced nutrition for a healthy dog from boop to tail. Read more about how this new formula contains the building blocks for ideal dog nutrition here, then take 30 seconds to enter to win below.

NutriSource Element Goodie Bundle

Share this article with a fren who can’t wait to get their paws on this food, then sniff out our Instagram for a chance to win more prizes from NutriSource.

Featured photo: @smy96

Family-owned NutriSource is dedicated to whole-body pet health, supporting independent pet retailers, and giving back to their community.

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