Doggone Honest Review: Travall Car Guard and Liner for Dogs

travall dogs reviewThis post was made possible by the dog lovers at Travall, creating premium accessories just for your paw-ticular vehicle. Travall’s guard and liner were provided in exchanged for our honest review.

Let’s face it, SWDers — I love for things in my life to be tidy and presentable, but I’m also busy as heck. With a dog, a human kid, and an active weekend lifestyle filled with hiking, beaching, and roadtripping, my car goes from “clean enough, I guess” to “sand-dirt-fur-Cheerios hellscape” in about two seconds flat. Throw in an insanely busy work schedule and I barely have time to find two quarters in my couch cushions, let alone take said quarters to vacuum my car at the gas station.

So when Travall — makers of vehicle accessories to help dog lovers enjoy the journey — offered to let me try a couple of their products, I couldn’t wait to get my paws on something that could make my life just a little more sane.

It took only a moment of my time to place an order for Travall’s Guard and Trunk Mat. I let their friendly team know my vehicle make and year — their stuff is totally custom, after all — and soon after, two boxes arrived on my front porch. (Speaking of being short on time: I let those puppies sit on my porch for a good four days before dealing with their contents. My family members only tripped over them a couple of times. They’re fine.)

Sunday rolled around and I had a few moments to install my new gear. I started with the zero-assembly-required Trunk Mat, a durable, flexible rubber mat that protects your trunk from the wear and tear of muddy paws and claws. To install, I simply unrolled it and laid flat in my trunk. It fit perfectly and made my car’s rear end look brand new again. Easy peasy!

Next it was time for the Guard, essentially a gate between your back seat and trunk. Not only does it protect passengers from potentially dangerous loose items in your car, it prevents excitable pets from climbing over seats and distracting the driver. It’s made from high-grade steel with a thick, attractive coating. I admired the way the color complemented my vehicle interior; its snug, rattle-free custom fit; and the fact that it was free of any rough or sharp edges. Installation only took about 15 minutes — it’ll take even less time if you’re handy.

I was thoroughly impressed with everything about Travall’s process and products, from ease of ordering and installation to the quality and fit of my new Mat and Guard. But the real test was still to come — a one-week family road trip. We packed up the car with more vacation gear than you can shake a stick at and ventured across state lines for eight days at beaches, parks, patios, and more. Through it all, Travall’s hardwearing gear held up marvelously, keeping my car clean and its passengers safe and comfy.

At the end of the trip, I was left with about ten pounds of sand, dirt, and dog fur in my trunk, which I simply shook out of the Travall Mat — no vacuum required!

Travall offers loads of other products, too. I plan to order the Divider, which separates your trunk space into two — Brody will no longer risk having a beach ball tumble onto his head, and I don’t have to worry about him eating my groceries (and then shredding the bag. Thanks Brody!). They’ve also got a liner, rear bumper guard, sill guards (no more claw scratches on your hatchback entrance!) and much more.

We give Travall’s pet products four paws up. Give ’em a call today — and tell ’em we sent you!

One thought on “Doggone Honest Review: Travall Car Guard and Liner for Dogs

  1. William

    Travall is absolutely the best – and you have yet to get the divider, that is the very best part. I’ve had these products in my past four cars, no more stolen bites out of my groceries. For longer trips, as a two dog household, each dog has their own space. Brilliant product.


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