This Dog Lounge is So Cool You’ll Wanna Live There

What would happen if your pup designed his own dream living room where he could party down and get all licker’d up on tasty doggy cocktails with his whole dang pack?

Welp, get ready to collie all your friends, cause this place exists.

Enter Sit Social: A Dog Lounge, Chicago’s 5-star chill spot for pups who love to party.

SIT Social

At Sit Social, doggo cocktails are on tap. (Photo by SIT Social)

You can reserve the lounge for 2-4 hours of wall-to-wall fun for up to 15 dogs and 20 humans. Keep the birthday bash bumpin’ with *zoom service* in the form of customized cakes, Chicago flag pupcakes, and even ginormous broth drink dispensers of Chicken Tini and Long Island Iced Beef that’ll send your dog back to his college days.

And if you want to commemorate your dog’s beauty for all the ages (which you do, obviously), hit up a Paint Your Pet’s Picture event or even throw your own private class. No matter how you choose to party, your pup will look absolutely corgious.

Sit Social also offers small-batch daycare for a group of 15 lucky smol dogs (under 50 lbs.) per day. Described as “Daycare 2.0,” your pup can skip the crowds and chaos and kick it with her inner circle. Most importantly, the folks at Sit Social understand how ruff it is to be apart for the day, so they’ll always send ya a daily photo pupdate.

Plus, your best friend can even chill there for extra cool sleepovers with dog beds, people (to give lots of pets), and no cages ever.

In summary, Sit Social is cool as heck and we basically all want to live there.

(Top photo by @sitinchicago)

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