These Dogs Have Been Promoted to Cowoofer During COVID-19 And Are Pawsitively Thrilled

It’s been a week since our doggos became our cowoofers. Some of ’em are already leading every Skype call, while others are on paw fur moral support (or micromanaging our every mouse click). Here’s a look at their range of working styles.

The go-getters:

(Photo by Nikki Smith)
Srs work mtg. (Photo by Meradey Tim)
Running this brainstorm sesh like a boss. (Photo by Stacy Flinner Sawalich)
Email overload solidarity. (Photo by Ellie Bartlett Terry)

The micromanagers:

(Photo by G Kim Chung)
So puppared. (Photo by Patty Carrillo)
Social distancing? Don’t know her. (Photo by Jenni Pilgrim)
(Photo by Michelle White)
(Photo by Marion Ferguson)

The team players:

(Photo by Krystle Hoppe)
(Photo by Amanda Flipp)
(Photo by Kelly Blatch)
(Photo by Jennifer Rostal)
(Photo by Martha Valle Veltri)
Excellent morale boost. (Photo by Tamara Ann)
(Photo by Kerri Gefeke)

The work-when-they-feel-like-it pack:

(Photo by Cassandra Williams)
Spring breakers. (Photo by Kelly Yndestad)
(Photo by Katie Delaney)
Social distancing handled. (Photo by Kayla Melius)
(Photo by Jessica Harris)
(Photo by Amelia Duncan)
(Photo by Karina Stahp)
(Photo by Emily Gordon)
(Photo by Elsa Patiño)
(Photo by Anna Talafous Doyals)

Working remotely:

(Photo by Amy Schwandt)
(Photo by Alyssa Perez)
(Photo by Katie Ann Seamans)
(Photo by Jennifer King Hunt)

Asleep on the job (hey maybe we all need a nap):

(Photo by Deanne Laging)
(Photo by Caitlin Ricks)
(Photo by Tara Sadkowski Stone)
(Photo by Mary Duckett)
(Photo by Hayley Ward)
(Photo by M.D. Akanis)
(Photo by Adam Sisler)

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