Pomeranian Fills in for Hardworking K9 and the Results are Hilarious


The officers at the Winter Haven Police Department are in love with their K9 dogs. And what’s not to love? After 480 hours of training, a dog has well earned their badge, and it’s no small achievement!

These officers are so proud of their loyal canine crew that they decided to make a short film to show their community a bit of what it’s like to be a K9 dog.

The production is low budget and the scripting is a bit predictable, but the end result is absolutely adorable.

That’s because you really get the feel of how soft and tender these officers are on the inside. Despite their tough appearance, they’re deeply human and genuinely proud of their poochie sidekicks.

The film is reminiscent of 90’s swap-like situation comedies like “Kindergarten Cop” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and the unforgettable “Trading Places” starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy.

The plot takes the premise of what would happen if a sturdy K9 dog traded places with a wool-like Pomeranian pooch.

The film begins with Viggo, the Police Department’s loyal K9 dog, calling in sick. This isn’t something he does often, so he must have had a serious case of the sneezies. 

But Viggo isn’t the type to leave his job unattended, so he gives Officer Frazier the number of Koda, his old kennel mate from back in the day, to fill in for him.

Little does Officer Frazier know that Koda is a fluffy Pomeranian who is obsessed with red convertibles and spends most of the day being cute and looking at vintage slide-viewers of plastic balls from across the decades.

So, Koda (who is like a fluffy Ryan Gosling behind a slick pair of black shades) takes on the challenge and jumps right into his little red Tesla convertible. (Of course Pomeranian Ryan Gosling rides a little red Tesla convertible. That’s a no-brainer!)

As Koda cruises from his bedroom to the Police Department’s parking lot, we see an amazing sequence that is both hilarious and sweet. The whole 9 minutes of the video is worth it for this refreshing shot of cuteness.

Koda even parks his car, opens the door, hops right off, and locks the vehicle. Koda’s ready for the job! 

But before he gets started, he needs to put on some equipment. This paves the way for some good-time giggles as Officer Frazier starts dressing Koda up in the K9 attire. 

First, the collar Officer Fraizer puts on Koda disappears into his lush Pomeranian mane. Then Koda himself disappears inside the humongous K9 vest suit. 

Officer Frazier realizes the equipment won’t do. But they go to the training anyway. After all, Koda is a good sport and he did show up. So, they might as well give it a shot. 

The training begins with a little “bite work training” in which Koda’s response is a long “whaaat?” 

He prances with puffy steps to the huge bite-training sleeve and just licks it as if it was a can of overly-priced kidney beans. Yuck!

They continue with some basic drug search training where Koda inspects the room inside out and only manages to find a bag of Cheetos on the floor. 

Officer Frazier finally realizes Koda’s just too cute to be on duty. He explains to Koda that K9 dogs go through a lot and they’ll even take a bullet for them. He also tells Koda to keep up the good work he’s been doing being adorable and making his community happy. 

So, Koda unlocks his Tesla red convertible and cruises back to his Pomeranian adventures.

Viggo returns! He took some veterinarian approved medicine and started feeling much better and eager to get back to work!

Officer Frazier lovingly greets him and he jumps right into the vehicle to continue protecting his community. 

The film follows with real footage of Viggo’s training: fiercely biting on command and masterfully locating narcotics. 

Officer Frazier explains the procedure of how a K9 dog locates a bag of heroin. It’s really amazing! 

First, he hides it under the wheel of a truck and then he gives Viggo the command “Dope” to search for the drug.

As Viggo searches the parking lot, Officer Frazier observes his behavior. When he finds the drug, he just signals with his head and then sits in front of it. Good boy!

The video ends with endearing photos of officers and their K9 partners. 

This cuteness-packed video is a must-see. It was published on TikTok and received over 13,000 likes. Watch the video below!


The account that published it is @koda_the_fluff. This is an adorable account with many videos of Koda in the little red convertible, serving as the cutest therapy dog there is.

Fun fact: Koda is actually female! Looks like Pomeranian Ryan Gosling is more like a Pomeranian Kristen Stewart, or maybe a Pomeranian Emma Stone. 

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that dogs like Koda are doing tremendous work just by being themselves: fluffy, sweet, and adorable. 

At the end of the day, all dogs are amazing. Viggo helps keep his community safe. Koda keeps her community smiling.

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