The Nation’s Dogs Are Over All These Dang Walks

In addition to the anxiety currently plaguing all of us, dogs must grapple with the crushing weight of being held accountable for people’s happiness. The humans demand near-constant walks, claiming that in addition to these hourly interludes being the only reasonable excuse to leave their blanket nests, leash holding is now their sole source of joy.

As the nation’s canines grow weary of their 254 daily walks, the question on everypuppy’s mind is the same: can’t we just watch Hulu and eat snacks or something?

Here are 15 dogs who just want to remind you they had full schedules before you started staying home and making them do stuff all day, okay?

Can you not see I am watching Tiger King?

Sry, legs don’t work.

Seriously, we’re kind of in the middle of something.

Why don’t *you* go for a walk if you love them so much?

I can go in here. It’s no big deal.

Bringing back planking in 3, 2, 1…

Pls do not interrupt my cozies.

I already walked to the fridge tho.

Do you even know what it’s like to have tiny little legs?

What about “working from home” do you not understand?

I miss my couch.

Tbh putting on this sweater was exhausting enough.

Am too ‘zausted to even do a chompf rn.

5K?! I thought you said “take 5, lay.”

Honestly, I’ve got everything I need here.

(Photo by Bianca Ackermann)

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