The Fur-ce Awakens: 4 Star Wars Finds for Dog Lovers

The new Star Wars movie arrives this Friday and we.are.pumped. Just because you can’t take your dog to the theater with you (well, usually) doesn’t mean you have to celebrate Solo! Here are five Star Wars finds for dog lovers to help you and your four-legged Wookies and princesses get (even more) hyped.

1. This video of dogs performing the Imperial March is seriously impressive.

2. These Star Wars pet costumes Ewok our world.

Photo: Passionate Paws

Similar Ewok ensemble at SWD Dogtoberfest

3. This toy is perfect for your favorite Chew-er.


4. This new Facebook feature automatically adds a lightsaber to you (or your dog’s) profile pic. Very subtle, Brody.

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