Bone Up on These Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs

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It’s heckin’ Turkey (or tofurkey) Day, and you’re reminded of all there is to be thankful formostly your perfect pup. He’s thankful for getting stuffed on Thanksgiving treats. What a turkey! As we celebrate and give thanks, please heed these Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs.

Burn, Baby, Burn

We’re not talkin’ turkey, but helping your pal burn off excess energy will encourage manageable behavior and encourage their own belly-up brand of post-feast coma. Tire them out early, and you’ll be thankful later.

Practice Thanksgiving Food Safety

Is turkey safe for dogs? For all those bird dogs, a little treat of cooked meat is just fine. Most veggies get the green light too, but make sure to follow these guidelines. When you sit down to feast, give pup her own special (dog-friendly) meal by topping her usual dinner with a little boneless turkey, sweet potatoes, or green beans. Yum! We’ll have what Fifi’s havin’. 

Keep foods like chocolate, onion, garlic, walnuts, and raisins far away from pup. And as always, steer clear of items high in fat or sugar. Doughs with yeast or raw eggs are a no-go, and can cause bloating that requires an emergency vet visit. Safe to say everyone should keep their paws out of the dough. 

A dog loves a bone, it’s science, but cooked turkey bones have a tendency to splinter, which puts your pup at risk for choking or serious internal damage. And skip the turkey skin; it’s difficult for your pooch to digest and can lead to pancreatitis. Keep unattended trash cans out of fluff’s reach.

Decorate Deliberately

Pup has the eye for décor, but also a love of tug-of-war. Skip long tuggable tablecloths and lit candles in low places. Plants liven up any holiday space, but make sure they are doggo-safe. Check this toxic plant list before you decorate.

Read Pup’s Vibe

Dogs can wig out with a full house, so pay attention if yours is yawning, drooling, shaking, moping, hiding, or just acting up. Sometimes the best place for them is away from the action. Keep them happy and occupied with a dog-safe bone or other chewable goodie or a mentally challenging toy or treat. Make sure guests know how best to interact with pup, especially if he’s overwhelmed. 

Cancel the Houndini Act

In the midst of all the celebrating—or napping—dogs can slip out undetected. Make sure guests know not to let pup out or leave doors open. Be sure your pal is wearing up-to-date ID tags and is microchipped. This is especially important if you’re in an area unfamiliar to them.

Know Who You Gonna Call

For pups who may have woofed down something they shouldn’t have, contact Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center. For dogs on the run (dog forbid!), contact your local shelters and lost dog social media groups.

Full bellies, full hearts, can’t lose. We hope these Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs make your season a little safer.

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