Buy 1, Give 1: Everypawdy Needs a Tall Tails Blanket

1/11/22 Pupdate: We are so excited to share that we reached our goal of 5k blankets sold. Thank you so mutts to everyone who helped.

Snuggle season is in full force, and what better way to keep your pup toasty cozy than with her very own Tall Tails blanket (she told us you tend to hog yours)? We’re partnering with Tall Tails through the end of the year, and for every blanket you purchase, one will be donated to a shelter or foster dog in need. Our goal is to donate 5,000 blankets by the end of the year. Read on to learn about our beneficiaries, why ALL dogs need blankets (besides for looking heckin’ cute), and why Tall Tails blankets are 12/10 the best.

Shelter/Rescue Partners

Throughout this campaign, we’ll update this thermometer every couple of weeks to show how we’re doing in donating 5,000 total blankets split among our four beneficiaries:

  • The Anti-Cruelty Society – Illinois
  • Douglas County Canine Rescue – Colorado
  • Ruff Start Rescue – Minnesota
  • Seattle Humane & Motley Zoo Animal Rescue – Washington

“When a dog comes into a new environment, like when they enter rescue and join a Ruff Start Rescue foster home, they can be a little timid. Having a blanket to snuggle with gives them comfort.” 

– Ruff Start Rescue

Why Dogs Need Blankets

Even if doggo’s down to hound on road trips, park days, and resto patios, anything outside of the norm can claws a jolt of unpredictability. A dog’s blanket provides a great deal of comfort both in and out of the home. 

Henlo, I asked for barkfast in bed. | @hamlinethefrenchie

Natural Nesting: Dogs find comfort in places they associate with the coziness of a den. They can paw, nuzzle, and rearrange a blanket to create a comfortable nest.

Portable Comfort: Traveling and unfamiliar places are stressful for dogs. A favorite blanket, with the familiar scents of their home and humans, provides comfort and security to pups on the go.

Easy Care: Blankets are the perfect bed accessory, and easier to wash than dog beds. No need to stress when morning pup cups get a little out of control.

For the shelter pups, the blankets are crucial to provide a bit of comfort and safety while the doggos are waiting on their forever homes. 

“When an animal arrives at the shelter, scared and confused, a soft cozy blanket helps them feel at home and a little more comfortable during this challenging time.”

– The Anti-Cruelty Society

Please, Sidewalk Doggers, help a shelter dog feel a bit safer. Head to the Tall Tails website to buy a blanket for your pupper, granddog, furry niece, or anypawdy in need. Tall Tails will handle the rest. 

Featured photo: @adventure_among_the_pines

Tall Tails has made it their mission to create beds, blankets, and throws that are the epitome of comfort. They’ve been helpin’ babies and pets stay comfortable and safe since 1933.

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