8 Dog-Friendly Taco Spots in Seattle

Sit. Stay. Taco Tuesday! Sure, the first two come naturally, but it takes time and practice to learn how to Taco Tuesday right. As a dog parent, it’s your obligation to teach ‘em young. To make this a woofing breeze for you, we’ve compiled 7 of the best dog-friendly taco spots in Seattle to relax with pupper by your side as you drink that marg, pound those tacos, and revel in the most glorious day of the week.

1. Agua Verde Café

With two paw-fuls of unique tacos, Agua Verde Café is your new go-to in Portage Bay for incredible flavors and a dog-friendly deck. Rockfish tacos, salmon tacos, and mushroom tacos join traditional chicken and shrimp tacos for a menu that’ll rock your spots off. The patio has incredible views of the water, which every refined pupperito can appreciate.

2. La Cocina Oaxaqueña

Simple, but superb is the motto of La Cocina Oaxaqueña. With only five options on its taco menu, this pawthentic Southern Mexican restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients and basic pairings that tell a tail of their own. The patio is pup-friendly, and happy hour comes twice a day, Monday through Saturday.

3. Los Agaves

Tucked in Post Alley by Pike Place Market, Los Agaves is a casual spot with a flavor-packed menu we could taco bout fur days. Juicy meats like carne asada and pollo fill the tortillas with garnishes like cilantro, guacamole, and onion. For gluten-free peeps, the Los Agaves Taco Bowl is sure to hit the spot. Good doggos will loves pawrusing the alley while their hoomans munch on tail-wagging good bites.

4. La Palmera Family Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Amazon country, La Palmera Family Restaurant is your go-to joint for street tacos done right. Served on fresh handmade corn tortillas, these are tacos that every pup will enjoy. While kicking back on the dog-friendly patio, try the Chile Colorado or Pork Carnitas for a little spice, and make sure pup has plenty of water on hand in case some of those juicy bits make their way into his mouf.

5. Pablo y Pablo

With a rustic modern vibe and situated just off the Burke-Gilman trail, Pablo y Pablo is our fave patio for twinkle-light ambience and a mouth-watering plate of baja fish tacos. This bustling Wallingford eatery is the perfect stop for you and your furry buddy with a hankering for specialty tacos like Korean Ribeye or Grilled Pineapple and Bacon. The patio is good doggo friendly, and water is on the casa.

Note: Pablo y Pablo’s patio fills up fast, so they recommend calling ahead.

6. Pecado Bueno

Fremont’s Pecado Bueno has tacos so tasty pup won’t be the only one drooling. Hang on their dog-friendly patio to chow their rave reviewed ceviche and Michoacan street tacos. They also offer some exciting vegan options; who knew butternut squash could make a great taco? Bonus: It’s just a 10-minute walk from Woodland Park Rose Garden, the perfect stroll to mask puppy taco toots. 

7. Red Star Taco Bar

Pup’s been Googling “taco places near me” and found someplace called Red Star Taco Bar. Just a 5-min walk from the Fremont Troll, this 21+ taco bar is for the bougiest of Buddies. Enjoy their soft-lit pup-friendly back patio and delicious modern-Mexican menu, offering not-tacos, tacos, and post-tacos, the three main food groups. Finish with a roasted pineapple margarita. Puppo’ll have water. He’s driving (this operation).

8. Taco City

You have officially arrived at the taco capital, Taco City. Enjoy street tacos and more authentic Mexican cuisine on their dog-friendly heated patio. Finish the night with a cold mojitorita and some fried ice cream. Fifi thinks you should pick up some change of address forms, cuz she never wants to leave.

Where else do you like to grab a south of the border bite with your pup? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to tag #sidewalkdog in the ‘grams of your dog’s delicious noms.

Featured photo: @lets_tacoooboutit

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