5 Best Spots to Take Your Dog Swimming in Chicago

Praise be to Dog, it’s time once again for wet car seats and sandy paws! Wondering where to take your dog swimming in Chicago? We sniffed out five of the best spots to dive into a good time with your doggy paddler.

1. Montrose Dog Beach

Fully loaded with its own wash station and toy bar (not even kidding), Montrose Dog Beach is certainly the most pupular beach in the land. With tons of playmates and oodles of space, there’s certainly a ton of fun to be had. Montrose can be a lot for pups though (and okay, this human, too), so be sure your pal is a match for crowds and chaos and has great recall skills before checking it out. Woof to the wise: plan for off-peak hours (early morning or after dinner) for a trial zoomie to get a feel for things! 

2. Belmont Harbor

Doggo need a little more calm? She may prefer a cool dip at Belmont Harbor. Same great lake–far less excitement. Featuring a gentle-sloping beach perfect for waders and plenty of room to swim, this more-relaxed, smaller beach is a fantastic spot for your chill bud.

3. Doggy Paddle

For the pup looking to improve his swimming skills (or just not mess up the results of his 10-step skincare routine with that dang sun), Doggy Paddle is a great option. After 1-3 lessons with a helpful instructor, your pal can attend indoor pool playgroups with buddies who match his energy level and play style. Oh, and he gets a real cute life jacket.

4. Pet Care Plus

With its outdoor play yard complete with an awesome pool, you might know that Pet Care Plus is one of the best dog party venues we can even imagine. They also offer Saturday Socials April through October for good boys and girls to have a ball! If trying to find parking at a dog beach makes your pup rue the day he got his driver’s license, he may prefer a trip to this private outdoor in-ground heated dog pool with a gradual entry great for new swimmers and seasoned fishies alike. Pupper gets to swim *and* you won’t need a beach day to get over your beach day!

5. Prairie Wolf Dog Park

Ready for an adventure? Get outta town and hit up Lake County’s Prairie Wolf Dog Park, an off-leash forest preserve complete with a swimming pond with FISH! With 44-acres to ‘splore, this fenced off-leash haven is a wonderland for dogs who love sweet, sweet freedom. Grab a permit and make a day of it—13/10 dogs say it’s worth the drive!

Make a Splash With Your Pup

Swimming is a great way for dogs to get exercise and have loads of fun! We know paw-lenty of pups’ll be glad you read about where to take your dog swimming in Chicago! Where does your pup go to cool off? Woof at us in the comments and share with a pup who has been working on his beach bod all year.

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