8 Awesome Sustainable Dog Products

All of your dog’s favorite things are a part of nature—from the grass he rolls in to the sticks he chews. He wants to make sure that Earth’s around for dog years to come, but you’re just not taking the hint that he wants you to plant some trees in all those holes he digs! Save your garden and help your pup do his part in reducing his carbon pawprint with these awesome sustainable dog products.

Sustainable Dog Walk Accessories

1. A traditional plastic bag can take hundreds of years to decompose, so try these biodegradable poop bags instead! We definitely don’t want our dog poops OR their bags lingering any longer than they need to. These are made of a degradable plastic with natural additives, so they start breaking down once they’re disposed of.


Get them at Petco for $12.99.

2. These upcycled bike tube poop bag holders hold your biodegradable bags and keep trash out of the landfills. Upcycling is when you recycle something and turn it into an even better form, kind of like when your dog takes your shoe and turns it into his new chew toy (except maybe not). 

UpcycleDogShop on Etsy

Get it on Etsy for $15.00.

3. These upcycled no-stink dog collars are perfect for your water dog. The Earth is 70% water, which means there are a lot of opportunities to get wet dog smell in your life. Since they’re made of recycled rubber inner bike tubes, these collars are waterproof—so there’s no stinky bacterial growth here! As an added perk, each collar even has a built-in bottle opener so you and your pup can have a drink to saving the planet. 


Get it on Amazon starting at $24.30.

4. Every dog knows that the leash means it’s time for the big ol’ W-A-L-K, so why not leash up in style with these eco-friendly leashes? These are made of recycled plastic water bottles that are both soft, and strong (just like your dog!). Plus, Lupine Pet guarantees their products, even if chewed!


Get it on Amazon starting at $15.99.

5. We want your dog to be warm, not the earth! The Hurtta ECO Jacket is gonna keep your pup toasty while keepin’ materials out of landfills. The exterior of these coats is made of 100% recycled material and is lined with a 50% recycled polyester. 


Get it on Amazon starting at $106.00.

Sustainable Dog Toys

6. Your pup is really dedicated to his Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna pledge and sticks and stones excite him. Unfortunately, sticks may not be the healthiest choice for him since they can splinter and cause blockages! Give him the next best thing with the West Paw Hurley Dog Chew Toy that’s built for tough chewers. This toy is great as a chew and is the perfect size for fetch. It even floats for water play! 

West Paw is an exceptionally eco-friendly brand with a thorough recycling program for their old toys—you can send them back and West Paw’ll grind ’em up and use the material for new toys! 

West Paw

Get it at Petco starting at $9.95.

7. With you, your dog is a lover, but with his stuffies…well, you know that there’s a lot of destruction in his wake. Rather than just generating waste, Official Woof Co has created eco-friendly stuffed toys made out of recycled material. And they’re cuuute!

Official Woof Co on Etsy

Get it on Etsy for $15.99.

Human Accessories

8. Waking up is hard to do, but unless you’re okay with Spot turning your living room into his new bathroom, it’s something you gotta do. A cup of joe on your morning walk may make it easier, so why not make it easy on the earth, too? This reusable bamboo coffee mug is the perfect way to take your coffee on the go so your pup can go. 

CraftyMontage on Etsy

Get it on Etsy for $14.59.

What are your favorite sustainable dog products? Woof at us in the comments and tag us with #SidewalkDog on Instagram on all of your dog’s outdoor adventures! 

Featured photo: Pexels

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