Support Pro-Pup Chicago Restaurants During the Pandemic

Difficult choice #1: Whether to spend your Spring Break in your bedroom or your front room. Difficult choice #2: Which of Chicago’s most-loved dog-friendly establishments to order from during this v strange time. These places have welcomed your pup for years and now’s the time to return the ruv.

We recommend ordering from the restaurant directly whenever possible (so that the business itself gets to keep the maximum amount of bones) and grabbing gift cards now for spots you know you’ll hit up once we can go outside again.

Here’s what’s wagging:

Roots Pizza’s offering delivery and takeout directly from the restaurant. Use code “happyhomehour” to get 50% off booze from 3-6 p.m.!

Antique Taco’ll send ya delicious tacos via Caviar, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats, or order directly from the Wicker or Bridgeport shops for curbside pickup.

Fatso’s Last Stand is servin’ up dogs, shakes, and more via takeout direct from the restaurant and delivery via Doordash or GrubHub–and they’ve got one of the best veggie dogs in the city, too.

Big Star is delivering amazing tacos via GrubHub, DoorDash, and Caviar or you can place an order through Tock for pickup. And yes, you can get margaritas!

Spoke and Bird’s farm-to-table menu is available for takeout and delivery via GrubHub or directly from the restaurant 7 days a week.

Wyler Road is available for curbside pickup. Order directly from the nice humans at restaurant. It’s not exactly sitting on the patio with your dog, but it’s a close second.

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Craving somethin’ else? Check out this master list of restaurants keeping Chicago fed during COVID-19.

Know another dog-friendly restaurant to add to this list? Woof at us in the comments.

(Photo by @lilwienerinthewindycity via @bigstarchicago)

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